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Known Hillfigures

Alton Barnes White Horse Alton Barnes White Horse

Battle of Britain Memorial Battle of Britain Memorial (Propeller)

Bledlow Cross Bledlow Cross

Broad Town White Horse Broad Town White Horse

Buffs Military Badge Buffs Military Badge, Canterbury

Bulford Kiwi Bulford Kiwi

Cerne Abbas Giant Cerne Abbas Giant

Cherhill White Horse Cherhill White Horse

Compton Chamberlayne Compton Chamberlayne

Corfe Football Queen Corfe Football Queen

Devizes White Horse Devizes White Horse

Devizes Old Horse Old Devizes Horse

Ditchling Cross Ditchling Cross

Dover Aeroplane Dover Aeroplane

Folkestone White Horse Folkestone White Horse Soon to Be Under Construction

Fovant Down Fovant Down (9)

Lost Fovant Down Badges 19 Lost Fovant Down Badges The Fox Military Badge The Fox Military Badge Hackpen White Horse Hackpen Horse

Hawkinge Figures Hawkinge and St Ingervert Figures

Inkpen Horse Inkpen Horse

Kilburn White Horse Kilburn White Horse

Lamb Down Lamb Down

Laverstock Panda Laverstock Panda

Lenham Cross Lenham Cross

Lewes EIIR Letters Lewes EIIR Letters

Littlington Horse The 1st Littlington Horse

Littlington White Horse Littlington Horse

Long Man of Wilmington Long Man of Wilmington

Marlborough White Horse Marlborough White Horse

Mormond White Horse Mormond Horse

Mormond Stag Mormond Stag

Newburgh Bear Newburgh Bear

Osmington White Horse Osmington Horse

Oxford Giant Oxford Giant

Pewsey Horse The 1st Pewsey Horse

Pewsey White Horse Pewsey White Horse

Pitstone Hill White Horse Pitstone Hill White Horse

Plymouth Giants The Two Plymouth Giants

Port Abraham Tea Pot and Cup Port Abraham Tea Pot and Cup

Rockley Horse Rockley Horse

Shoreham Cross Shoreham Cross

Stratford Rabbits Stratford Rabbits

Sutton Mandeville Sutton Mandeville (2)

Tan Hill Donkey Tan Hill Donkey

Red Horse of Tysoe The Five Red Horses of Tysoe

Uffington White Horse Uffington White Horse

Wandlebury Figures (Cambridge Giants) Wandlebury Figures (Cambridge Giants)

Warwick Swan Warwick Swan

Watlington White Mark Watlington White Mark

Westbury Horse The 1st Westbury Horse

Westbury White Horse Westbury White Horse

West Clandon Dragon West Clandon Dragon

Whipsnade White Lion Whipsnade White Lion

Whitehawk Hawk Whitehawk Hawk

Whiteleaf Cross Whiteleaf Cross

Woolbury White Horse Woolbury White Horse

Woolbury Cross Woolbury Cross

Wye Crown Wye Crown

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Lost Gods of Tysoe

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Faithful Shepherd of Tring

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