Bleriot Memorial (Dover Aeroplane)

General Information

National Grid Ref TR 327 421

Aerial Pic

A commemorative memorial on the spot where Louis Bleriot landed his plane after the first channel crossing on 25th July 1909. Good, constructed of granite blocks >4" thick approx. 2 by 1 set into the turf. Covered sparsely with yellow lichen.


Cut on 4th February 1910 to commemorate the first cross channel flight by Louis Bleriot on 25th July 1909. The memorial is under the care of Dover district council. The site (a small wooded clearing) contains a memorial stone on the aeroplane (presented to the aero club of the United Kingdom by Alexander Duckham) and there is also an information board at the site. The memorial is situated near Dover castle.


Diagram of the Aeroplane


Location Map of the Aeroplane


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Early Picture Royalty Visiting

The Bleriot memorial from several angles.

From the Side From the Back

The Tail From the Front

The Memorial Stone.

The Memorial Stone