Many Thanks go to the following for their help and for allowing use of the information, drawings, photos etc.

The Kilburn White Horse Association.

Donald Sykes and the Wye Crown Restoration Fund.

The Fovant Badges Society

Sharon Soutar, Katy Whitaker and the Aerial Photographs Team (RCHME)

Charles Newington and Richard Beaugie and all my friends on the Folkestone White Horse Project

Kenneth Carrdus and Graham Miller who re-discovered the Red Horse of Tysoe.

Broad Town White Horse Restoration Society

Peter Greed, Sarah Padwick and the Cavaliers of the Devizes Millennium Horse

Shirley Slocock, and the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

Richard Giles - Charlton Wyvern Project / Pewsey Horse

Ordnance Survey for allowing the use of aerial photographs

Ministry of Defence

Martin Brown (Assistant County Archaeologist East Sussex CC)

Glen Redman (National Trust)

Lesley Freke (Wilts SMR Officer)

David Eve (Kent SMR Officer)

Bruce Howard (Hants SMR Officer)

Keith Blaxhall (National Trust)

Claire Pinder (Dorset SMR Officer)

David Stephenson

Katy Jordan

Ross Parish

Neil Mortimer of 3rd Stone

Patty Lawlor

Finian Lynch, from the Brighton Hawk Project.

Steve Hamilton

Paul Newman (Author of the Lost Gods of Albion)

Rodney Castleden (Author of many Hillfigure books)

Vince Russett

Dave Bryant

Charlotte Hammerton

Douglas Speirs

Martyn Gadd

Bob Croxford

Members of the Stone List

Surrey and Sussex Newspapers

Julia Carey, Buckingham CC

Mel Morris Jones (Aerial Photos)

Ron Dobree-Carey (Aerial Photos)

Simon Harbord (Aerial Photos)

Simon English (Stratford Rabbits)

Dave Organ (Aerial Photos)

Bill Daly Wiltshire White Horses

Andrew Eastland and 2nd Marlborough Scouts

Peter Cox

Canadian War Museum

Frank Swindell (Postcards)

Peter C Harrison (Treak Caves)

The Haselmere museum

Mike Needham for his Juarez pictures

There are many other people to which I am most grateful who have supplied information for this site, many are mentioned in the relevant part of the text, if I have forgotten you e-mail me an I will put it right.