Whitehawk Hawk

In conjunction with Same Sky, Paul Harrington, Fin Lynch the Whitehawk Hawk Construction Group

General Information

National Grid Ref TQ 344 044

This was planned for a hill in Alfriston, East Sussex originally as a crane but planning permission was not granted and it has found a home in Brighton, on East Hill at Whitehawk. .


Constructed by Paul Harrington and Fin Lynch with help from Bernard and June Evans and the Friends of Sheepcote Valley as well as a few others including myself, during August and Sept 2001.

The hawk is looking in poor state (2013) and needs urgent attention if it is not to be lost.


Map showing the Location of the Whitehawk Hawk


The Artists Impression

Artists Impression

The Finished Hawk from the air

The Finished Hawk from the air

Many Thanks to Jean-Marie, Pierre-Henry and Christophe Mathy for the photo.

The mock up

The Hawk Mock Up

The Hawk Mock Up

The Hawk Mock Up


The Trenches

The Author Digging

The Trenches Finished

Paul Harrington Filling the Trench with Chalk

Tamping the Chalk

The Filled Trenches

Close Up of Chalk Surface

Partial Complete

The Working Plan

Fin Lynch moving Chalk

Partially Complete

Close Up of Head and Wing