Laverstock Panda

General Information

National Grid Ref SU 169 320

The Lavertock panda is cut into the hillside north of Laverstock near the A30 at St Thomas’s Bridge. It is only barely visible during my last visit, it was 55’ by 40’ when first cut


This figure was cut on common land during the early morning of Sunday 26th January 1969 by students of the University College of North Wales (UCNW). The figure was thought to represent the meeting of two giant pandas at London Zoo, but the panda was the Rag symbol of the UCNW and was cut as a Rag week stunt. The figure was recut the following year but is now sadly being lost.

An account from one of the builders can be found here


Laverstock Panda Map

The panda in all its glory

Laverstock Panda Laverstock Panda

The Panda recently

Laverstock Panda Recently

Laverstock Panda Recently