Foreign Figures

There are many foreign Geoglyphs throughout the world but only a few Hillfigures and as I get information on them I will update this page

If you know of any other foreign figures please let me know so that I can research and visit them.

Foreign Hillfigures

Thanks to Pepijn Schmitz for this photo, of a replica Uffington Horse from an Australian Model Village


the original can be found here

Colorado Hillside Letters

Alberta Hand

Morocco Inscriptions

Horse in Georgia

Two USA advertising figures

Pisaq Hillfigures, Peru.

A Modern Nepali Hill Figure.

Modern Minnesota Hill Figures.

Juárez White Horse.

Northern France Inscription.

South African Military Badges?

Hong Kong Military Badges.

Albi Cows (France).

Bloemfontein White Horse (South Africa).

Military Badges (Canada).

Sri Lanka Fox

Wainmate Horse (New Zealand).

Ontario Figure (Canada)

French Military Figure

Hungary Salamander

Nariobi Crown

Tours Hammer

Riff Country Horse, Iourdanan, Morocco

Tunis Horses, Tunis, Tunisia

Foreign Geoglyphs

All this section is my own work

My Visit to the Colorado River Figures

All the links below are NOT my work and some are used without permission only because I had no reply from my contact with the author MOST have been allowed to be used on this site and there are acknowledgements to all the Authors on the acknowledgement page if not mentioned in the text, many thanks to all of them.

Nazca Lines and Figures 1

Nazca Lines and Figures 2

Nazca Lines and Figures 3

Nazca Lines and Figures 4

Nazca Lines and Figures 5

Nazca Lines and Figures 6

Nazca Lines and Figures 7

Nazca Lines and Figures 8

Nazca Lines and Figures 9

Nazca Lines and Figures 10

Nazca Lines and Figures 11

Nazca Lines and Figures 12

Colorado River Figures

Bouse Fisherman*

A Geoglyph in Montana*

Peruvian Geoglyphs*

The Candelabra of the Andes or the Paracas Candelabra*

Munich Airport Figure*

Atacama Geoglyphs (Chile)*

Effigy Mounds National Monument Iowa*

Effigy Mound National Monument Iowa 2*

Marreeman Geoglyph*

Mule Canyon Geoglyphs*

Modern Australian Figures*

Manitoba Boulder Outline Figures.

Ohio Valley Serpent and other figures.

Serpent, Rice County, Kansas.

Arizona Rattlesnake.