Stratford Rabbits

General Information

National Grid Ref SP 221 572

The set of four rabbits are semi cut into the Ryon Hill, just outside Stratford. The edges are cut into the soil and the main body of the figures are much shorter grass than the rest of the field. The whole scene is about 30m wide and 25m high. The rabbits can only be seen when driving northbound from Stratford on the A439 (formerly A46)


Originally one rabbit constructed in 1994, it has now grown t a family of four, which are tended several times a year to keep them in good condition.


Location Map


Rabbits in 2007

Left Two Rabbits

Right Two Rabbits

Four Rabbits Rabbits

Close Up of the Trench

Rabbits from a Distance


Some other animals constructed by Simon English, reproduced here with his permission.

Magpies Nr Stratford on Avon, 1993


Zebra, Hatton Rock, Nr Stratford on Avon, 1992


Butterfly Nr Stratford on Avon, 1993