The Hill Figure Books

Hows, M.E.P. (2006) The Hillfigures of Kent 1st edn.

An excellent book devoted to the hillfigures of Kent, beautifully illustrated and contains full colour photographs.

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Angus Heywood (2016) Chalk Hills White Horses

Photographer and author, Angus Haywood, documented the chalk drawings of southern England on black and white film, observing their environment, aesthetics and scale. The negatives were hand-printed on a glossy, warm tone, fibre based paper using traditional printing techniques in the darkroom, before being post produced using contemporary, industry-specific digital technology.

Each of Angus’ photographs is juxtaposed with a carefully selected lino-cut, with each image informing and inspiring the other. This in turn, makes Chalk Hills White Horses greater than the sum of its very impressive parts and creates both a powerful and compelling visual narrative.

ISBN 978-1-909660-68-7, Available from

Chalk Hills White Horses

Miller, W.G. (2000) The Search for Britain's Lost Unique Hillfigure 1st edn.

An excellent book devoted to the Red Horse of Tysoe, detailing how it was found and a bit about where it possible came from, an update from the original book now out of print.

Available at £2.25 (inc P&P) from the Author

WG and P Miller
Llandrindod Wells

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Thorpe, J. (1998) Kilburn and its horse. 2nd edn. Kilburn: Kilburn White Horse Assn.

An excellent book devoted to the Kilburn White Horse and its Local, prepared by the Kilburn White Horse Association, beautifully illustrated and containing full colour photographs.

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Askew, Maurice. (2001) Memories of Hillfigures of England

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An excellent book, with beautiful artwork, it does not look at all the hillfigures but well worth having in the collection.

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Castleden, Rodney. (2000) Ancient British Hill Figures Seaford, S.B. Publications.

A well researched guide to the oldest hillfigures in Britain, it takes a detailed view of these figures and is well researched, very useful for those interested in the older figures.

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Hutton, Ronald. (1998) Chalk Figures of Wessex Newton Toney, Wessex Books.

A booklet well presented and well researched but the shortness of the book does not allow full representation for all the Wessex figure in any depth. The book again is well worth having in the collection.

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Newman, P. (1997) Lost Gods of Albion. 2nd edn. Stroud: Alan Sutton.

Concentrating on the earlier figures at the expense of the later ones, with several omissions and a couple of errors (Due to the speed of the rewrite). This book is an update of the 1987 edition, and again takes a more spiritual perspective. It does have a good chapter on the Red Horse of Tysoe, and the pictures are far superior to the last edition. Well worth having.

Lost Gods of Albion Book Cover

Marples, M. (1981) White Horses and Other Hill Figures. 2nd edn. Stroud: Alan Sutton.

A reprint of the definitive 1949 edition with a few additions, still the best and most authorative book on the subject.

Darvill, T., Barker, K., Bender, B. and Hutton, R. (1999) CERNE: The Cerne Giant - An antiquity on trial. 1st edn. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

An interesting look at hill figures from a more religious / spiritual viewpoint, let down by poor pictures.

Cerne Book Cover

Newman, P. (1987) Gods and Graven Images: The Chalk Hill-Figures of Britain. 2nd edn. London: Robert Hale.

An interesting look at hill figures from a more religious / spiritual viewpoint, let down by poor pictures.

Bergamar, K. (1997) Discovering Hill Figures. 4th edn. Princes Risborough: Shire.

A pocket guide to hill figures, a reasonable book with only a couple of errors, contains details of the Tan Hill Donkey, a recently discovered Hill Figure. It omits many figures and is obviously poorly researched.

Shire Publishing and the author were most unhelpful with helping any aspects of this website so this book is not recommended by me.

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