Lost Figures

Almost Lost Figures

These figures are almost lost and are in need of urgent restoration otherwise they will be lost very soon.

Luzley Horse Luzley Horse

Laverstock Panda Laverstock Panda

Ditchling Cross Ditchling Cross

Devizes Horse Old Devizes Horse

Wandlebury Figures (Cambridge Giants) Wandlebury Figures (Cambridge Giants)

Port Abraham Tea Pot and Cup Port Abraham Tea Pot and Cup

Compton Chamberlayne Compton Chamberlayne - Now all but Lost

Fovant Down Fovant Down (9) Soon to be 8

Sutton Mandeville Sutton Mandeville (2) - Could soon be lost

Lewes EIIR Letters Lewes EIIR Letters

Lost Figures

Below is a list of lost hill figures in the UK, included are figures that have been replaced, their replacements can be found in the current hill figure pages.

Detling Star Detling Star

Corfe Football Queen Corfe Football Queen

Warwick Swan Warwick Swan

172nd Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force 172nd Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force

Treak Caves Treak Caves

The Fox Military Badge The Fox Military Badge

Surrey Horse Surrey Horse

Buffs Military Badge Buffs Military Badge, Canterbury

Hurdcott Badge Hurdcott Badge

Fovant Down Badges 19 Fovant Down Badges

Rockley Horse Rockley Horse

Marlborough Scout Logo Marlborough Arrow

Red Horse of Tysoe The Five Red Horses of Tysoe

Pewsey Horse The 1st Pewsey Horse

Westbury Horse The 1st Westbury Horse

Littlington Horse The 1st Littlington Horse

Inkpen Horse Inkpen Horse

Woolbury Cross Woolbury Cross

Tan Hill Donkey Tan Hill Donkey

Plymouth Giants The Two Plymouth Giants

Oxford Giant Oxford Giant

Pitstone Hill White Horse Pitstone Hill White Horse

5 Hawkinge, Tangmere and St Ingervert Figures 5 Hawkinge, Tangmere and St Ingervert Figures

3 Airfield Figures Airfield Figures

5 Kent Airfield Figures 5 Kent Airfield Figures

Firle Corn Firle Corn

Shepherd of Tring Faithful Shepherd of Tring

Possible Figures

Below are some figures which there is little evidence of their existence or temporary figures.

If you have any information please let me know, E-Mail Me.

Lost Gods of Tysoe

Other Figures at Cerne

Figures That Never Were