Mark Hows - 2022 Wildlife Blog

Welcome to my wildlife blog - I will chronicle my exploits looking for wildlife in the UK and post links to trip reports from further afield. I have plenty of target species this year from Plants and fungi to Ladybirds and plenty of things in between and tracking these down will keep me busy. I will be doing plenty of mammal watching and there will be some twitching in the mix as well which should keep me out of trouble - hopefully! and all this will be fuelled by lots of Chips and Ice Cream.


Sunday 8th - Spring Spectacle

Spring Gentian

After some sleep I headed to Teesdale on what was a cracking day - Teesdale violets and mountain pansies were everywhere then came the highlight spring gentians, I had only ever seen them in the Burren before so it was great to see them here. I spent hours wandering admiring the awesome display of plants with a little excursion to see Oblong woodsia, it had been a tough couple of days so I called it a day and headed home for some sleep.

Saturday 7th - Bird race is Back

Mandarin DuckWall Brown

It was a midnight start in Downham Market I had to stop for a hedgehog crossing the road before picking Stephen Patemore up for our Bird race. We headed into the Fens, the weather was less than optimal but we started getting some good birds calling corncrake and spotted crake. and the first bird sightingbarn owl. Mammals were very plentiful, badger, fox and rabbit added to the list. We managed to dodge some heavy showers in between stops. Finally dawn arrived and we hit the Brecks and got caught in a couple of heavy rain showers but we managed to get most of the targets so headed for the coast where we could not find the dusky warbler, but the red breasted goose, temminck’s stint and dotterel were more accommodating. The last bird to add was peregrine falcon to bring our total to 147 for the day – notable omissions were green woodpecker and yellow wagtail. One thing to note was the number of hares we saw well over 100 on our travels.

Friday 6th - A lovely Meadow

Meadow Saxifrage

After work I headed to Keddington Churchyard for an awesome botanical spectacle here are large swathes of meadow saxifrage a very impressive sight and well worth a visit.

Thursday 5th - Sweet Singers


After work I headed to the Brecks to see, well actually hear nightingales, I got a full show, both sight and sound, always a treat to see and hear these birds. I popped into see a few plants spring speedwell had already flowered, but spring vetch, shepherd's cress and field mouse ear were all in good condition.

Monday 2nd - Chippy

Chinese Water Deer

I Headed to Chippenham Fen for my first night of Moth trapping here this year conditions were reasonable and I had a few moths coming in continously, slow and steady. Some nice moths of note were flame wainscot, grey birch, tawny pinion, pinion spotted pug with aloost 40 species in total, by 4am I was packed up and headed for home for 40 winks before work.



Friday 29th - Moth Catchup

Frosted Green

The weather has been pretty cold at night so moth trapping in my garden and my little nature reserve at work has been pretty slow with only a few moths trapped on each occasion. Moths of note - Streamer, brindled beauty, Powdered Quaker, iron prominent, frosted green, early grey, purple thorn, seraphim, swallow prominent, muslin moth and lured Emperor moth in at both locations.

Thursday 28th - Breckland Ladybirding

scymnus nigrinus

I headed to the Brecks for a couple of hours after work, first was a look in the Little River Ouse for stream water crowfoot plenty just starting to flower. The rest of the time I spent looking for ladybirds and it was quite productive with a nice selection pine, harlequin, striped, cream streaked, 16, 18 and 22 spot, scymnus sutaralis, and scymnus nigrinus. Also a couple of micro moths, Esperia sulphurella, Syndemis musculana a firecrest and hairy and green shieldbugs completed a nice evening.

Wednesday 27th - Local Gold


After work the last three evenings I have been visiting local sites for Goldolocks buttercup micro species Bourn, Stradisall, horseheath and all produced plenty to see but the ID's a little trickier. I also made a visit for Poa bulbosa Bulbous meadow grass and while there also found three nerved sandwort which I made a trip to Suffolk at the weekend for - typical. I managed to catch up with a nice patch of woad growing locally.

Saturday 23rd - Sexy Adders


I had no firm plans so thought I would try to catch up with three nerved sandwort (which I never seem to have seen), I had a rough area to try in the woods near Minsmere. With the possibility of looking for adders at Minsmere after. I had a leisurely start and after a brief search found three nerved sandwort along with a nice selection of other plants and a Incurvaria pectinea micro moth. I stopped on the way to Minsmere for a singing Nightingale always lovely to hear. At Minsmere I quickly located a mating pair of Adders which showed quite nicely and I watched them for a while before taking a wander. ashy mining bees and early colletes I had another look at the adders before heading off.

Wednesday 20th - Garden Mothing (well Actually Badgers)


I set the moth traps up in the garden despite the poor moth weather not for moths but to illuminate the garden so I could photograph the badgers. Upto three come every evening and one in particular ignores the photography. Two showed up including the confiding one but I got photos of both during the evening. None of the muntjacs or the fox turned up which was a shame. I did catch 4 hebrew characters in the moth trap.

Sunday 17th - Kicking around in Kent

Early Spider Orchid

A sensible start to get over the bridge before it was too busy, the first stop was in Bean Country park where I quickly found my target of southern wood rush, plenty of other plants there incuding some nice moschatel. The weather was good so a quick stop at a wall for some wall lizards getting frisky. Some touristy stuff ensued before heading the Samphire hoe where the Early spider orchids were not in abundance and I only found a handful.

Saturday 16th - A Peaky Blinder

Soft Leaved Sedge

An early start and I was in the peak district to see Soft leaved sedge it was in abundance in a small nature reserve on what was a lovely morning. The rest of the day I did non wildlife stuff but did find an orange underwing moth.

Friday 15th - Pasque Flower Spectacle

Pasque Flower

An early start and I was at Barnack Hills and Holes reserve before the dog walkers, here was a nice display of Pasque flowers and I managed to find some Rare spring sedge. But my main target was at Willow Tree Fen, where the common cranes were showing well with their two chicks, really nice to see. Late morning I headed towards home making a stop at Therfield Heath where the Pasque flowers were growing in profusion and it was an amazing sight, Church hill was completely covered in them. I made a stop at Fowlmere RSPB to look for early longhorn moth but again failed in my search, still a pretty awesome day.

Chips - Fish n Chick n, Royston - Battered Sausage and Chips - 8/10

Tuesday 12th - Mobile Mothing

Emperor Moth Broom TipNephus redtenbacheri

After work I popped to the Brecks in search of ladybirds, my first site had a cracking goshawk flyover low past me. I found a few ladybirds pine, scymnus sutaralis, 7 spot, 24 spot, Rhyzobius litura and Nephus redtenbacheri . A lure brought in a nice emperor moth a good start as I I was in the Brecks for my first local mobile trapping session. Weather was mixed, a bit of drizzle, a bit too windy then it cleared and the temperature fell so I finished up by 1am and headed home. Final tally was 28 species - Satellite, broom tip, pine beauty, oak beauty, water carpet, tissue, Ypsolopha ustella. I also had some moth traps in my little nature reserve one failed (light switch did not work) a small catch of 11 species brindled beauty the pick.

Chips - Historic Fish and Chips, Lakenheath - Saveloy, Chips and onion rings - 8/10

Monday 11th - Breckland Botany

Grape Hyacinth18 Spot ladybird

After work I popped to the Brecks in search of ladybirds I found cream spotted, cream streaked, pine and 18 spotted along with scymnus sutaralis at one site in a fairly short period of time. But it was too blowy for sweep netting and my umbrella struggled tapping so I gave up and did some botany instead. A nice selection of the early Breckland specialities were in flower field mouse ear, shepherd's cress, spring vetch, grape hyacinth, fingered speedwell, brecklands speedwell, little mouse ear all seen as I visited a couple of sites.

Saturday 9th - Bits and Bobs Locally

Black Squirrel Wild Daffodil

I started at Fowlmere at dawn a couple of muntjac and water voles and a lone hare but nothing for photos. It was quiet apart for a few warblers. I headed to Letchworth for the black squirrels which were showing well as did a rather nice song thrush. A quick stop at Stocking Springs Wood where the wild daffodils and wood anenome's were handing over to the bluebells. I stopped in at St Albans briefly, some pochards on the park lake were nice and the herons were already sitting on chicks in the Heronry but the highlight was the courting little egrets. I tried Fowlmere on the way home for Early longhorn moths without any luck, only a muntjac and chiffchaff for my efforts and that was enough for the day.

Wednesday 6th - Mad Mothing

Barred tooth Striped

After work I battled with torrential rain, traffic jams, road closures, imbiciles in cars to get to Deal for some chips. The main prize was not too far away, but the weather of rain, strong wind was sub optimal mothing weather - but he who dares. I met up with James Hunter to look for Barred Tooth Striped moth we had some pointers from Local Nigel Jarman but James had found a couple already. We had a good search but after a bout of poor weather we headed home after another mothing sucess.

Chips - Castle Chip Shop, Walmer - Burger, Chips and Mushy Pea fritter - 8/10

Monday 4th - Oresome orchid

Giant Orchid

After work I headed to the area in Oxfordshire where I grew up, I passed my Dad’s old office and a cricket ground where I played many away games in my youth. The site I went to was new to me yet so close to places I had been many times before. It was only 5 min walk to the site from the parking where down the side of a steep slope I could see 2 giant orchids apparently seeds were scatted here a few years ago and some had finally grown to plants. It was tricky to get down the slope but I got down to see the plants one had been snapped but repaired and the other was OK and in reasonable flower and nice to see whatever to origin.

Sunday 3rd - Sett Survey

Brindled Beauty

I finally completed my local Badger Sett survey, I had to use the drone for a couple as they were on private sites with no access. One other site I did trespass to check on. I had a few mammal sightings but nothing of note. I had a few moths a few night back which i forgot to mention. In my little nature reserve a nice brindled beauty the pick but a nice selection.

Saturday 2nd - Oh Deer

Chinese Water DeerHairy wood rush

I Headed to Woodwalton Fen for dawn, a muntjac was the first deer I spotted but I was after Chinese water deer and they showed quite well in the very cold conditions. I had over 30 individuals during my visit and had the reserve all to myself. I had a few marsh harriers, brown hares and the usual common birds on my wander by mid morning I was thirsty so headed back to the car for a drink. A few joggers entered the reserve so I headed off for some lunch. I did some touristy stuff before heading to Bedford Perlieus, I had an area to search for Hairy wood rush, I had a nice wander round, only a couple of people in the reserve and I easily found it amongst the commoner species. I headed home spotting a couple of fallow deer on the edge of my village.



Sunday 27th - Misty and Murky

Iceland Gull

Musselburgh was in thick mist so we headed the short distance to Cockenzie, which had better visibility but no sign of the Glaucous gull, a return to Musselburgh where conditions had not improved so we headed south stopping at Cheswick, here conditions were similar to Musselburgh so we carried on to Middlesborough where on a small lake in a park a nice juvenile Iceland gull was present showing nicely. Our last stop was at Swine moor to see the rather smart looking Baikal teal before heading home.

Saturday 26th - You Beauty

Rannoch brindled beauty Osprey

The temperature had dropped to -4 degrees overnight so our trap opening was a struggle, but we had a decent haul of moths 28 Rannoch sprawler, yellow horned, mottled grey, chestnut, and common quaker, small quaker, red swordgrass. A red squirrel crossed the road as we headed to get some hot food to thaw out before heading to Burghhead, I had a brief view of a white billed diver and some bottled nosed dolphins. The nearby Glaucous gull was nowhere to be seen so we tried our luck at Loch Oire where the drake ring necked duck was present. We headed back south to search for Rannoch brindled beauty again, A male was located quickly and a short while we located another. Our moth targets located we headed to Loch of the Lowes which shuts at 5pm (since when) so we got 30 mins, on site but had enough time for good views of the female Osprey and some distant whooper swans. Our last stop was at Loch ??? which was in the middle of nowhere but a nice place, here were three ring necked ducks a drake and two ducks. It was time for fuel, food and sleep.

Chips - Central fish and chips, Kinross - Haggis, Chips and Mushy Peas - 8/10

Friday 25th - Cairngorm Captures

Rannoch Sprawler Yellow Horned

After the overnight drive we woke in the borders and had a look for some Black grouse we located two males and a female along with plenty of red grouse, curlew, lapwing, meadow pipit. The sea conditions at Mussleburgh were perfect and we quickly located surf scoter but canoeists disturbed the birds before we could locate the White winged scoter and despite a good search we could not locate it in the time available. A stop in Edinburgh for the ring billed gull was unsuccessful so we headed north to an area south of the Cairngorms. Here we searched for hours for Rannoch brindled beauty without success the only sighting was a couple of roe deer. We headed up Cairngorm for a quick look, the reindeer were distant and the highlight was a pool full of mating frogs. Loch Garten was shut for some unknown reason despite the posted opening hours suggesting that it should be open. Time for chips before heading to Insh Marshes to a night of moth trapping. The first check had our target of the very rare Rannoch Sprawler we did another check before midnight and got some sleep.

Chips - Smiffy's, Aviemore - Haggis and Chips - 7.5/10

Monday 21st - Garden Moth Catchup

Nut Tree Tussock

I ran the traps last week and overnight, finally double figures last week, silver Y, clouded drab, oak beauty, hebrew character, common, small and double twin spot quaker. Last night nut tree tussock, early thorn, hebrew character, common and small quaker, lead coloured drab, march moth

Sunday 20th - Maltreath Miss


We headed home and took a quick look for the cattle egret that was near where we were staying but we could not find it. The last stop was at Maltreath pond where a nice selection of waders was present but no sign of any of the previous nights garganey but there were some areas of limited visibility.

Saturday 19th - Welsh Woes

opposite leaved saxifrage

A day of mostly non wildlife stuff on Anglesey but I did try for the ring necked duck on Cefni Reservoir, I could not locate it, but half the reservoir was in direct sunlight and was almost impossible to search. I did get a Weasel crossing the track and a nice patch of opposite leaved saxifrage near the car park on a rather lovely spring day.

Friday 18th - Great Orme Goats

Kashmir Goat

A day of mostly non wildlife stuff on Anglesey but I did try for the ring necked duck on Cefni Reservoir, I could not locate it, but half the reservoir was in direct sunlight and was almost impossible to search. I did get a Weasel crossing the track and a nice patch of opposite leaved saxifrage near the car park on a rather lovely spring day.

Tuesday 15th - Garden Goodies


I kept an eye out in the garden this evening, one of the regular muntjacs put in an appearance but I was after badgers, one turned up before midnight and I got a couple of photos and left it be eating the peanuts I had put out. A brief brown rat eluded the camera before I called it a night.

Sunday 13th - Nott that Plover Again

White Tailed PloverGlabrous Whitlowgrass

I happened to be in the vicinity of Nottingham so a quick trip to Attenborough Nature Reserve was in order to see Glabrous whitlowgrass. A nice Cetti’s warbler was singing but not much else apart from dog mess and joggers, shame the reserve is a nice place. I had other places to go to but mid afternoon finished up at Frampton Marsh. It started raining as I arrived, but I took a wander anyway ducking into the 360 hide during a heavy shower. Here was a nice selection of waders was present turnstone, dunlin, ruff, little stint, ringed plover, lapwing. Eventually the rain eased and I headed out where eventually the white tailed plover was located in some reeds not showing very well and it was time to head home.

Thursday 10th - Garden Mothing

Red Chestnut

I dusted off the moth traps in the garden for the first time in a while. The result was pretty mediocre march moth, hebrew character x2, common quaker x2, oak beauty, red chestnut, and dark chestnut still its a start.



Sunday 27th - Derbyshire

Hairy Whitlowgrass

I headed Derbyshire for one of the early flowering plants. Hairy Whitlowgrass is pretty scarce but I had been given a couple of sites to try. The first in Castleton did not have any but I did get some flowering opposite leaved saxifrage. The second site was smaller and easier to search but I quickly found at least a dozen plants in flower.

Saturday 26th - And Finally Some Otters

OtterRed Breatsed Gosse

I headed to the Brecks once more, this time I was beaten to the area by a few birders. I quickly lost them and after about 30 mins I heard geese alarming, I caught up with them and they we unhappy about the two otters feeding in the river. I followed the mother and cub for 45 mins and they showed extreemly well on what was a lovely morning. With nothing else doing I headed for the coast where the Red Breasted goose was showing well with a flock of brent geese. I popped into Titchwell for the usual stuff before heading to Hunstanton for Chips.

Chips - Henry's, Hunstanton - Cod Bites and Chips - 8/10

Sunday 20th - Some Small Mammals

Pygmy Shrew

The final tally of small mammals was 13 wood mice, 3 common shrews, 1 pygmy shrew, 3 bank voles and 3 yellow necked mice. Low as a trap percentage but given the time of year not too bad. My guests seemed to be pleased with the catch but no water shrew or harvest mouse.

Saturday 19th - Soaked Setup

Scarlet Elf Cup

I was setting up 100 small mammal traps at my little nature reserve, the weather was terrible heavy rain for most of the afternoon. It stopped briefly and I had a nice sparrowhawk pass right by me on one of its hunting sorties. A woodcock was flushed from the wood and I found a scarlet Elf Cup as I setup which was the only other thing of note. 30 traps were added when Mike Richardson turned up.

Saturday 12th - Yankee Robin

American Robin

I headed to Eastbourne along with most of the birding community to see the rather showy American Robin. It did put on a good show in sunny but blustery conditions. I took a trip down to the coast in Eastbourne to see the less showy Hume's warbler the weather conditions keeping it hunkered down. I did some other stuff for the rest of the day.

Chips - Woodingdean Fish Bar, Woodingdean - Battered Saveloy and Chips - 8/10

Saturday 5th - Bits in the Brecks

Daphne merezeum

Another morning visit to the Brecks while still dark, some nice views of the lesser spotted woodpeckers but no sign of any otters. It was a pleasant enough morning despite the lack of sightings. I made a stop on the way home for some Daphne merezeum a very early flowering shrub pretty scarce locally. It was already flowering and brightened up the day.

Chips - Historic Chips, Lakenheath - Saveloy and Chips - 8/10



Sunday 30th - Some Nice Work Stuff

A Night in my Garden

I was working again today, but being quite at work made for some nice wildlife viewing from my work window of the fox twice, muntjac, grey squirrel, rabbit and a nice selection of birds on the feeders and plenty of action round and about such as a flock of redwings and fieldfares. A walk round my little nature reserve during a break I managed to find a few ladybirds Orange, 7 spot, 10 spot and Rhyzobius chrysomeloides and a hawthorn shieldbug. A nice barn owl on the way home was a bonus.

Tuesday 25th - Oh What a Night

A Night in my Garden

There is plenty of mammal activity in my garden most nights, so tonight I put together a selection of clips showing some of the mammal coming and goings. Brown Rat, Muntjac, Badger and red fox all putting in an appearance. Here is a list of timings when they arrived.

A Night in my Garden

Sunday 23rd - Back to Bird Ringing

Long Tailed Tit

Some more bird ringing at my little nature reserve was mostly blue tits, a few great and long tailed tits, some goldfinches, chaffinches, dunnock, robin, blackbird and a magpie. I had a brief look for ladybirds and managed to find 7 and 10 spot and some harlequins.

Saturday 22nd - Bleak Brecks


I spent the whole morning looking for otters but nothing, it was a lovely morning with plenty of siskin and a few mandarin ducks but little else and at midday I headed for home.

Sunday 9th - Bird Ringing


Bird Ringing at My little nature reserve this morning had some interesting species, tree creeper, siskin, reed bunting all new rung birds for the site. Plenty of tits, chaffinch, dunnock, wren caught and plenty of retraps for the site on a rather cold morning.

Sunday 2nd - Morning Mice

Wood Mouse

I was woken at 4am by noises in the house, it was the cat that had brought in a wood mouse. I rescued the mouse and put in a tank with some food. This was repeated at 5.30am with another wood mouse. Both were safely released a couple of hours later. The moth trap held just one moth a dark chestnut.

Friday 1st - Breckland Blow Out

Water Rail Brown Rat

I headed out to the Brecks while still dark, a muntjac was the first bit of wildlife to be seen with a barn owl shortly after and a fallow deer alongside the A11. I spent the morning walking round woodlark and lesser spotted woodpecker the only birds of note in very blustery conditions, but I did see a water vole briefly. I headed to Lakenheath RSPB for a few hours but it was very quiet, a few distant marsh harriers but little else apart from a showy water rail and a brown rat under the feeders. I popped into my little nature reserve to fill up feeders etc. on the way home. Almost home I stopped for a bat flying round, bat detector in the boot and quickly identified as a soprano pipistrelle and a roe deer on the edge of the village finished the day.

Chips - Historic Chips, Lakenheath - Saveloy and Chips - 8/10


2021 Review



A very different year as expected, no bat work at all but I managed to connect with 43 species of mammals this year and photographed most of them. Some nice encounters with Polecats, and the garden Badgers. In my little reserve I added two species house mouse and mink. But I was amazed to finally catch up with the walrus clearly the highlight of the year but I also added three other new UK mammal species to my list sei whale and two vagrant bats Kuhl's pipistrelle and Geoffroy's bat, a pretty good mammal year.


Black browed albatross

A poor year with only 183 species seen, I focussed on other taxa this year hence the low count. Some highlights were river warbler, roller, collared pratincole, white tailed plover to name a few, along with the new species I caught up with were Northern mockingbird, Green warbler, Two barred warbler, Red necked stint, long toed stint, belted kingfisher and the highlight of the year black browed albatross.

Other Wildlife and Trips

Ornate Shieldbug Fringed Gentian Beautiful Marbled

Following up on my other areas of interest I had a great year with some nice new Shieldbugs the highlights were Blue and ornate shieldbugs and cryptic leatherbug and I caught up with scaly cricket finally. I had a cracking moth year trapping at home and work regularly as well as regular mobile trapping in the Brecks and at Chippenham Fen. I also did some mobile trapping further a field in Scotland a couple of times and with James Hunter at a few places in the south catching some super moths Beautiful Marbled, Clifden Nonpareil, Convulvous hawkmoth, Southern chestnut, saxon, flame brocade, portland ribband wave, portland rustic, straw belle, pale yellow sallow, goat moth, Lemske's Gold Spot, brindled beauty and many more.

My 100 new plant project went well seeing well over 100 new species again this year such as Suffolk lungwort, Teesdale violet, Teesdale Sandwort, Rock Cinquefoil, Arctic Sandwort, Long Headed Clover, Alpine enchanters nightshade, Rough Mallow, Issler's Clubmoss, Norwegian Mugwort, Large Yellow Sedge, Alpine Milk Vetch, Diapensia and many more and I will try to do this again this year. The highlight was to finally see fringed gentian I had tried lots over the last few years but had not been sucessfull until now, plant of the year.

Trip wise everything was cancelled so I did all my wildlife watching in the UK

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2022 Targets

Green when Seen

  • Weather Earthstar
  • Elegant Earthstar
  • Boat Bug
  • Pipewort
  • Marsh Carpet
  • Oblong Woodsia
  • Field Cricket
  • Cornish Moneywort
  • Highland Cudweed
  • Alpine Rush
  • Narrow-leaved Water-dropwort
  • Scarce tortoise sheldbug
  • Greater Streaked shieldbug
  • Netted Carpet
  • Rannoch Brindled Beauty
  • Welsh Groundsel
  • Purple ramping fumitory
  • Hayley Elm
  • Wood tiger
  • Perennial centaury
  • Twin headed clover
  • Wish List

    Green when Seen

  • Ladybird Spider
  • Red cage Fungus
  • Iceland Purslane
  • Heather Shieldbug
  • Cow Wheat shieldbug
  • Perennial Centaury
  • Highland Cudweed
  • 13 Spot Ladybird
  • Bee Beetle
  • Blue Heath
  • Purple Coltsfoot
  • Alpine bearberry
  • New Forest Bladder wort
  • Welsh mudwort
  • Marsh moth
  • Butterbur (moth)
  • Manchester treble bar
  • Dusky hooktip
  • Least Adders Tongue
  • Yellow Oxytropis
  • Dune spurge bug
  • Sand runner shieldbug
  • 2022 UK Mammal List (No Target This Year)

    Green when photographed

  • 1 - Wood Mouse
  • 2 - Grey Squirrel
  • 3 - Brown Rat
  • 4 - Muntjac
  • 5 - Fallow Deer
  • 6 - Roe Deer
  • 7 - Soprano Pipistrelle
  • 8 - Red Fox
  • 9 - Hedgehog
  • 10 - Badger
  • 11 - Rabbit
  • 12 - Brown Hare
  • 13 - Water Vole
  • 14 - Common Shrew
  • 15 - Pygmy Shrew
  • 16 - Yellow necked Mouse
  • 17 - Bank Vole
  • 18 - Otter
  • 19 - Feral Goat
  • 20 - Weasel
  • 21 - Red Squirrel
  • 22 - Bottle Noseed Dolphin
  • 23 - Red Deer
  • 24 - Chinese Water Deer
  • 2022 UK Ladybird Year List

    Green when photographed

  • 1 - Harlequin
  • 2 - 7 Spot Ladybird
  • 3 - 10 Spot Ladybird
  • 4 - Rhyzobius chrysomeloides
  • 5 - Orange Ladybird
  • 6 - Scymnus Interuptus
  • 7 - Cream Spotted Ladybird
  • 8 - Pine Ladybird
  • 9 - Cream Streaked Ladybird
  • 10 - 18 Spot Ladybird
  • 11 - Scymnus suturalis
  • 12 - 24 Spot Ladybird
  • 13 - Rhyzobius litura
  • 14 - Nephus redtenbacheri
  • 15 - Scymnus nigrinus
  • 16 - Striped Ladybird
  • 17 - 22 Spot Ladybird
  • 18 - 16 Spot Ladybird
  • 500 UK Birds

  • 494 - Asian Desert Warbler
  • 495 - Lammergeier
  • 496 - Tennessee Warbler
  • 497 - Whites Thrush
  • 498 - Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler
  • 499 - Lanceolated warbler
  • 500 - Siberian Thrush
  • 501 - Taiga Flycatcher
  • 502 - Rufous-tailed scrub robin
  • 503 - Crag Martin
  • 504 - Northern Mockingbird
  • 505 - Red Necked Stint
  • 506 - Black Browed Albatross
  • 507 - Green Warbler
  • 508 - Long Toed Stint
  • 509 - Two barred Warbler
  • 510 - Belted Kingfisher
  • 100 New Plant Species Photo Project

  • 1 - Hairy Whitlowgrass
  • 2 - Glabrous whitlowgrass
  • 3 - Hairy Woodrush
  • 4 - Soft-leaved sedge
  • 5 - Southern Woodrush
  • 6 - Three Nerved Sandwort
  • 7 - Bulbous Meadow-grass
  • 7 - Stream Water Crowfoot
  • 8 - Tufted Sedge
  • 9 - Distant Sedge

  • 50 New Moth Species Photo Project

  • 1 - Rannoch Sprawler
  • 2 - Rannoch Brindled Beauty
  • 3 - Mottled Grey
  • 4 - Yellow Horned
  • 5 - Barred tooth Striped
  • 6 - Ypsolopha ustella
  • 7 - Frosted green
  • 8 - Esperia sulphurella
  • 9 - Seraphim
  • 10 - Pinion-spotted Pug

  • 2022 Bird Race

    No Particular Order

  • this year?

  • The Chip Count

    Chips 9
    Fish 1
    Battered / Sausage 1
    Saveloy 4
    Spring Roll
    Pickled Egg
    Cheese and Onion Fritter
    Mushy Peas / Fritter 2
    Spam Fritter
    Haggis 2
    Mac n Cheese bites
    Burger 6
    John Bull
    Onion Rings 1
    Ice Cream

    2021 Total
    Chips 34
    Fatbirder's Top 1000 Birding Websites