Mark Hows - 2019 Wildlife Blog

Welcome to my wildlife blog - I will chronicle my exploits looking for wildlife in the UK and post links to trip reports from further afield. I have plenty of target species this year from Plants to Ladybirds and plenty of things in between and tracking these down will keep me busy. I will be doing plenty of mammal watching and there will be some twitching in the mix as well which should keep me out of trouble - hopefully! and all this will be fuelled by lots of Chips and Ice Cream.


Monday 30th - Norfolk Niceties

Alaskan Yellow Wagtail

I headed to Norfolk for my last trip out of the year, first stop was the rather confiding Alaskan yellow wagtail showing nicely in the early morning sun. Then to Wells where the Rough legged buzzard gave me the run around but eventually had some good views and a few photos. Then to Shernborne for the geese, the Brant was not present but one tundra bean goose was along with Several grey partridges, brown hares and 4 roe deer, but the best was a ringtail hen harrier.

Chips - Mother Hubbards, Swaffham - Just chips 8/10

Tuesday 24th - Prestwick Present

Eastern Yellow Wagtail

I headed to Newcastle where at a rather wet Prestwick Carr, a few hardy souls braved the conditions and searched for the Eastern yellow wagtail after 20 mins it was located and showed well off and on for about 2 hours but was quite mobile not helped by the sheepdogs running about. After a brief stop in Sunderland I headed to Cowpen Bewley but despite a good search I could not find any bean or whitefronted geese and with conditions getting worse I headed for home.

Chips - Robinson's Billingham - Cheese fritter and chips 8/10

Monday 23rd - Boggy Burwell

Roe Deer

I finished work mid afternoon with time for a wander round Burwell for an hour or so. Some works had been done to the banks at the far end of the reserve and it was very muddy glad I wore my wellies. I had this part of the reserve to myself, but it was quiet bird wise even here 3 roe deer of note. As I got the the cycle track I met the owl photographers at least a dozen of them but no owl sightings, I was content with two groups of roe deer. I was the last to leave and as I did I flush a short eared owl, the only one seen all day apparently.

Monday 16th - Wormwood Strike 3

Wormwood moonshine beetle

I joined a small team surveying 3 sites in the Brecks for the wormwood moonshine beetle, the first a private site which we arranged access held two beetles. The other two sites came up beetleless but one of them had a beetle on a previous survey so we now have 3 sites for this rare beetle.

Saturday 14th - Wizz to Whipsnade

Black Throated Thrush

A slightly later start then I had planned due to a hangover but I made it to Whipsnade late morning. The Black throated thrush showed shortly after I arrived and I had nice but not particularly close views off and on for a while. It was bitterly cold so I took a wander to the Lynx enclosure to warm up. I returned to the crowd to look for the thrush for a while but with no further sign of the so I headed home.

Saturday 7th - Its All Rosy

Rosy Earthstar

I had caught a yellow necked mouse in the garage overnight so I released it safely well away from the village. I headed to Southey Woods in search of the rosy earthstars that had been seen recently it took a while but I found one along with white saddle.



Gran Canaria - November 2019

Sunday 3rd - Cornish Curiosity

Paddyfield Pipit

I drove overnight through some terrible weather to Sennen, Cornwall, I stayed in the car for 30 mins until a heavy rain shower passed before heading into the field where 50 or so birders were searching for the paddyfield pipit. After 30 mins or so it was located and we had good views off and on for a couple of hours. The buff bellied pipit put in a brief appearance before I headed off. I popped into Hayle briefly but the weather turned and I called it a day stopping in Exeter for some chips before heading home.

Chips - Krispies, Exmouth - Saveloy, Pea Fritter, Cheese balls and half chips, half battered chips 9/10



Monday 28th - Forest Fingers

Devils Fingers

I started at Arne RSPB, I was first on site but it took a little work finding any sika as cattle were grazing the fields and the saltmarsh was flooded. I found a couple of nice stags but only one let me get near for photos, but a young buck was more confiding. With little else I headed for a walk nearby for fungi, some nice fly agaric and puffballs. Time for chips then I headed into the New Forest, I was looking for deer and fungi, one fallow deer for my efforts but plenty of nice fungi Amethyst deceiver and Devils fingers of note.

Sunday 27th - Snettisham Sunset Spectacular


I got to Woodwalton Fen at first light, a muntjac in the semi dark and several Chinese water deer during my walk round but very little bird wise. A redpoll the pick. I headed to Snettisham RSPB for the afternoon, I had a wander round but not much doing but I was here for the wader spectacular which would co-incide with sunset and it was an amazing sight, well worth the effort.

Friday 25th - Mammal Week Trapping

Harvest mouse

I put a few traps in the stables for a few nights but did not catch anything, and with my mammal week haul of species limited to a red fox a few rabbits and grey squirrels I threw 10 traps down at work. Bingo 10 tripped traps, common shrew to kick off a couple of wood mice and wow a harvest mouse followed by a couple fo bank voles finished with wood mice. My luck was in with a muntjac alongside the car park.

Thursday 24th - Three Elms

Bonhunt Elm

I managed a few very local excursions to see some of the local elm species, bonhunt, Fat toothed and narrow crowned elms but little else due the the shortening daylight hours. There are over 60 elm species in the UK perhaps another quest is in the offing now the whitebeams are completed.

Saturday 19th - Stainforth Salmon


I was away with friends in the Yorkshire dales for the weekend managed to get in a few hours at Stainforth Force watching the Salmon leaping, tricky to get decent photos but I got a few record shots, but still impressive to see. Other incidental sightings of small tortoiseshell, mottled umber and red grouse of note.

Wednesday 16th - Fungi

Striated Earthstar

I made a brief late afternoon visit to Noroflk to search for fungi, I found some amazing parasol mushrooms and a few striated earthstars. I ran the moth trap at home with a rather nice Merveille du Jour the pick of a modest catch which included a green brindled crescent and a silver Y.

Sunday 13th - Orford Ouch

Ivy Bee

I left at first news but missed the two barred greeninsh warbler by about 10 mins, and despite waiting all afternoon it did not show again. It was prety quite there a chiff chaff and blackcap the note. A few ivy bees and some broad leaved willowherb still in flower but not much else. However the journey home was much better half a doxen brown hares a young buck red deer and near my village a badger and a barn owl.

Saturday 12th - The Lodge

Fluted Birdsnest Fungus

I made a brief trip to the Lodge RSPB arriving before most of the public. I was after some fungi and had a close encounter with a muntjac as I searched. My target was pretty small but I did find it, a cracking fluted birds nest fungus. Some nice crowned earthstars and a black squirrel before the heavens opened and I headed for home.

Thursday 10th - Mildenhall Moonshine

Wormwood Moonshiner

I joined a small group to survey the only currently known site for the Wormwood Moonshiner beetle (Amara fusca) near Mildenhall. It only feeds on Artemisia campestris which itself is rare with only three native sites left. This is a noctural beetle and our search did not start until 8.30pm but we found over 60 beetles in about an hours searching, and we left just as the rain started.

Wednesday 9th - Northants Nuggets

Stinking Fleabane

I stopped in at two site in Northants late afternoon, tipped of by Brian Laney. I found the heath cudweed at Harlsone Firs and along the A45 some stinking fleabane. Moth wise this week in between the rain it was a bit quiet, the pick a green brindled crescent amongst the usual suspects.

Monday 7th - Twitching Ladybirds

Horseshoe Ladybird

I popped to North London, where Andrew Jewels had located a horseshoe ladybird in some Ivy in the Lea Valley. This is one that we had not seen before despite plenty of time searching for it. It is a tiny ladybird and proved quite difficult to photograph.

Sunday 5th - Glorious Glassworts

Common Glasswort One Flowered Glasswort

I joined the Kent Botanical Recording Group and Wildflower Society Glasswort meeting at Oare Marshes, the torrential rain stopped as I arrived and it was actually warm and sunny all day. We searched the saltmarsh for Glassworts which bar a couple of species are pretty tricky to ID. We found most of the species possible species purple, yellow, one flowered, perrenial, common and a probable Glaucous Several migrant hawkers were enjoying the sunny weather. Some slender hare's ear on the walk back to the car park for tea and cake. I took a look at the East flood as I left but there was no sign of the American Golden Plover only a little stint of note.

Chips - Kings, Sittingbourne - Battered Saveloy and chips 8/10

Saturday 4th - Mighty Mouse

yellow necked mouse

I caught the first yellow necked mouse of the season in my garage, a regular Autumn and winter visitor, it was particularly uncooperative and I struggled to get any photos at all.



Saturday 26th - Bat Box Barbastelles


A quick dash across East Anglia to Southey Woods Nr Peterborough for a bat box check with the Cambridgeshire Bat Group, carnage from the previous days weather slowed me down along with the usual tractors and level crossings conspired against me and I arrived late. I joined the group in time for the first Leisler's bat. We had a few brown long eared bats and mostly soprano pipistrelles but one box I opened had 5 Barbastelles inside totally unexpected and the first recods for the site. I visited a few sites for plants before heading for home, white ramping fumitory and cyclamen the pick.

Chips - Birdy's, Stamford - Sausage, Chips and Pickled Egg 8/10

Friday 25th - National Moth Night

Convolvulus Hawkmoth

I went the the National Moth Night at Bawdsley Hall organised by Matthew Deans, hastly moved forward 24 hours due to incoming bad weather a small group assembled. The hospitality was amazing and the weather conditions were not too bad so we were hopeful of some nice moths. We did a few checks during the night delicate, feathered ranunculus, pearly underwing some of the more interesting moths. We saw a nice badger at the feeding station before settling in for a few hours sleep. The morning trap checks had more migrant moths such as dark swordgrass, scarce bordeed straw but outside the second trap was a cracking Convolvulus Hawkmoth. SOme of the other highlights were Autumnal rustic, Clancy's rustic, scarce bordered straw, bordered beauty, deep brown dart, rush veneer, frosted orange, the final tally was 58 species.

Chips - J's, Woodbridge - Cod, Chips and mushy peas 8/10

Wednesday 25th - Catching in Collyweston

Brown Long Eared Bat

I joined a small group from the Cambridgeshire Bat Group for some bat catching surveying in Collyweston Wood NNR, conditions were good we caught 3 species Natterer's, Brown long eared and daubentons Chips - Chippy Sue's, Whittlsey - Battered Sausage, Chips and pea fritter 9/10

Sunday 22nd - Torential Treats


I was heading to Kent for the day, Jame Hunter kindly invited me to see a vestal he caught the night before and check through his moth traps first thing. A few nice moths Large ranunculus, L-Album wainscot and Autumunal rustic. I headed into a wood in search of lesser skullcap, here the heavens opened but I found one plant still in flower. With the weather very poor I did touristy stuff and headed home early.

Saturday 21st - Local Loiterings

Autumn Gentian

I spent the morning locally looking at some plants, Butchers Broom in Cherry Hinton and at the Chalk pits some tiny Autumn gentians, harebells and yellow wort all nicely in flower.The moth trap hel the usual Autumn moths highlights beaded chestnut, sallow, black rustic, common wainscot, light emerald and a dark bush cricket.

Bosnia - August 2019

Thursday 19th - Wonderful Work

Common Shrew Red Underwing

I did a work event - small mammal trapping and running some moth traps in our small on site nature reserve for staff to come and see some wildlife. I ran the traps the previous night and had 5 wood mice, 2 bank voles, 2 common shrews and a field vole. So I was hopeful for some nice species to show my colleagues. Indeed it was a great sucess with a great capture rate and a good staff turnout. From 31 traps 14 wood mice, 5 Bank voles, 3 common shrews, and singles of water shrew, pygmy shrew and field vole. July would have been better for good moths to show them but I hoped for a couple of nice ones. The moth trap held mostly setaceous hebrew character, square spot rustic and a selection of yellow underwings as expected however a cracking red underwing was worth the effort.

Saturday 14th - Excellent Essex

Pedunculate sea purslane

A small group of us met at Hadleigh country park it was a sea of wild carrot all now in seed but hidden amongst it were some gems, narrow leaved birds foot trefoil, spiny rest harrow. Hidden amongst the dry vegetation in the small clearing nearby was some Deptford pinks at the end of the season but a few still in flower. It was a very warm day and there were plenty of invertebrates about and we spotted a few while searching for hairy vetchling , a wasp spider and the enormous great green bush cricket and clouded yellow. We wandered back to the car stopping to admire the flowering ivy with both honeybee and ivy bees. We all drove the 40 mins or so to a remote farm here we guided by the landowner to see the incredibly rare pedunculate sea purslane growing in perfusion alongside a saltmarsh channel all be it in a rather small area. Sea purslane was present to allow for comparison. There were plenty of other saltmarsh plants sea aster, purple glasswort, Greater sea Spurrey and from the channel beaked tasselweed was keyed out rounding off a very pleasant trip.

Friday 13th - Breckland Ladybirds

18 Spot Ladybird

I popped to the Brecks for a few hours after work to search for ladybirds, it was pretty quiet but I had 5 species 7 spot, 24 spot, pine, pine scymnus and a nice 18 spot ladybird Some late flowering suffocated clover was a nice bonus. I stopped to see grey hair grass and as the light began to fade I headed for home, spoting two polecats alongside the A11.

Friday 6th - Booby Prize

Brown Booby Buff Brested Sandpiper

I drove overnight to Cornwall, rather slowly as almost every inch of motorway was in the process of being dug up. A fox and barn owl of note on the way. I arrived at Kynance Cove just after dawn and walked along the path to join the small crowd. Some nice Cornish heath along the way mostly going over but some in good condition. It was not long before we got a glimpse of the Brown Booby in flight but we had to move to see where it had landed. I had a couple of hours with the bird before heading back to the car. I headed to Nanquidno where the weather had turned despite this I located the plants I was after the purple vipers bugloss was the star. but corn marigold, weaselsnout, common ramping fumitory were all nice to see as well. It was time for refreshments chips ice cream and Cornish pasty essentials for a trip to Cornwall. I did a couple of touristy things before heading to Davidstow airport where the showy buff breasted sandpiper performed well with some ringed plovers and dunlin. I then headed for home via Wendover woods where I eventually spotted an edible dormouse and a fox as I drove away.

Chips - Harbour, St Ives - Sausage, pea fritter and chips 8/10

Sunday 1st - Bats and Bits

Brown Long Eared Bat Field Gentian

I did not start quite as early as planned, but made the New Forest mid morning I could not find Brown galingale, the field was being grazed by cattle which did not help, so I turned my attention to field gentian which I did locate fairly easily. The last flora stop was along the coast, almost all the slender centaury had gone over but in a few sheltered damp spots a couple of plants were still in flower. After some chips my last stop was in Wiltshire for some more bat swarming surveying with the Wiltshire bat group. It was cooler than last week's survey so predictably activity was lower but we still caught about 60 bats of 6 species bechstein's, brown long eared, Natterer's, daubentons, lesser and greater horseshoes.

Chips - Palmers, Yeovil - Fish, peas and chips 8/10



Saturday 31st - Ladybirds Warts and all


I had a day out looking for ladybirds with Andrew Jewel, We started off in Tunbridge Wells, We did not find the hoped for horseshoe ladybird which continues to elude us but we did have a nice selection cream spot, four spotted nephus, red flanked scymnusrhyzobius forestieri, 7 spot, harlequin and two forms of 10 spot. Plant wise white Melilot was a bonus. We tried a couple of other sites near the coast in ever deteriorating weather, which made searching very difficult. But we added 16, 24 spot, round keeled rhyzobius and red marsh ladybirds to our tally but the highlights here was an unexpected fen raft spider and golden ringed dragonfly. Our last stop at Castle Hill was a bit of a punt as the weather was quite poor, we saw round headed rampion and autumn ladies tresses in search of our insect target which we eventually tracked down a nice wartbiter and we decided to call it a day.

Wednesday 29th - Monster Moth

Clifden Nonpareil

I headed to Kent late afternoon diverting into in to Rye Harbour Reserve on the way. Here I was after Rottingdean sea Lavender which was easily located, I thought I would try my luck with least lettuce which was not in flower on my previous two visits this year, but I was too late and all the flowers had gone over - seems to be my bogey plant as it had gone over last year as well when I visited. I stopped briefly at Dengemarsh to see sea heath before meeting with James Hunter for some moth trapping in Hamstreet. A few light showers and with lower temperatures than recent evenings made the mothing slow but we did get a few nice moths small mottled willow the pick, but we were hoping for something larger and rarer. In one of the actinics it had arrived, a cracking Clifden Nonpareil larger than I thought it would be and turned the rather quiet evening something special.

Chips - Hamstreet Fish and Chips, Hamstreet - Saveloy and chips 8/10

Monday 26th - Harvest Time

Harvest Mouse

It is harvest time and without my harvest mouse catching cat I was on my own. So I have been trapping locally for the last week but it seems to be a poor year for small mammals as I have had loads of nothing apart from one wood mouse which I managed to let escape. But this afternoon I had a cracking harvest mouse

Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th - Devon Delights and Batty Bath

Bechstein's Bat Sea Daffodil

I headed to Devon, madness on a bank holiday you might say but I arrived at dawn well before the masses, Berry Head my first stop. Here I was after Goldilocks Aster which took some finding but eventually I did, a few autumn ladies tresses and thousands of autumn squill in flower indicating the end of the flower season is closing in on us. Next stop I was clearly too early my target was nowhere near flowering so I headed to Andrews Wood where heath lobelia was flowering nicely. My last stop was at Dawlish Warren where the masses had descended and it was total chaos, but I headed away from the beach to relative calmness to see the sea daffodil a couple of plants flowering in the dunes and more autumn ladies tresses on the walk back as well. A nice sanderling the only bird of note. I headed north stopping for Ice cream and chips before meeting with the Wiltshire bat group for a swarming survey near Bath. Conditions were ideal and we caught almost 200 bats of 11 species Natterer's, Daubenton's, barbastelle, bechstein's, brown long eared, serotine, soprano pipistrelle, whiskered, brants, lesser and greater horseshoe. I also ran my moth trap dusky thorn the best moth I caught. On my way home despite the high temp I took a short walk locally to see small teasel a plant I have wanted to see for a while a sparrowhawk was a bonus.

Chips - Salt and Malt, Chew Valley - Fishcake, peas and chips 8/10

Week Ending Friday 23rd - Roundup

Grass of Parnassus

I saw a weasel on Wednesday evening crossing the road and run the moth trap a couple of times during the week Maiden's blush the highlight oak hook tip, whitepoint, swallow prominent, tawny speckled pug. also of note. And Friday evening I popped to see Grass of Parnassus in Norfolk.

Thursday 22nd - Lucky Ladybirding

Schmitt's Scymnus

I headed into the Brecks for some ladybirding, but the hot and sunny weather evaporated during my 20 min drive and as I headed to the site it became breezy and overcast. This did not deter the ants, a massive emergence of flying ants was underway and the sky was full of them. I saw a fox on the track but it vanished once it saw me. Ladybird wise it was mostly 16 spot with a few 7 spot ladybirds but eventually I got a couple of rhizo litura, 22 spots and an angle sided scymnus. It was getting late and the light was fading when I got a smaller scymnus species which I retained for further study along with the angle sided scymnus. Next morning I photographed it and am pretty sure it is Schmitt's scymnus. Note I returned them both to site unharmed.

Friday - Sunday 16 - 18th A wander to Wales

White Beaked Sedge

I headed to Danes Moss in Cheshire a slight detour on my way to mid Wales. Here in torrential rain in the middle of a bog was the rare white beaked sedge. The rest of the weekend was not wildlife based but I did run the moth trap treble bar and shaded broad bar of note.

Chips - Salop Chip Bar, Oswestry - Battered Burger, Mushy peas and chips 8/10



Sicily - April 2019

Sunday 28th - Botanical Bits - Essex and Suffolk

Gold of Pleasure

I met a small group for a wander round the fields, hedges and woods round Stambourne. The first area was arable desert but the margins held a few plants including dwarf spurge both Fluellens, redshank, Gold-of-pleasure and flax. The hedges provided the plant of the day Greater burnet saxifrage. The wood held a selection of sedges and grasses including the Thin-Spiked Wood Sedge and tufted hair grass. The roadside hedgerow on the way back to the car produced Duke of Argyll's teaplant. I carried on on my own visitng a few sites for lesser calamint, large selfheal and orpine before heading home.

Friday 26th - Moth Week

Gold Triangle

I did a bit of moth trapping at home and work this week and had some nice moths fen wainscot, gold triangle, twenty plume moth, least yellow underwing, drinker, small dotted buff, coronet, pale prominent, lesser swallow prominent, tree lichen beauty.

Thursday 25th - Kent Chaos


Another warm evening seemed promising for mothing, so I joined James Hunter once again for a night of mothing in Kent. On the way I stopped at Longfield for some arable plants including round and sharp leaved fluellens, black bindweed, dense flowered fumitory, small toadflax. Then it was chips before meeting up with James. We set up 5 traps and as dusk fell the moths started to arrive in really good numbers at times it was mad. We had a nice selection including some scarce species Metzneria metzneriella and even a new for site Bisigna procerella and some nice macro moths new for me shark, box moth, fern, . With over 150 species in total and we called it a night about 2.30 and headed home.

Chips - Longfield Fish Bar, Longfield - Battered Burger, Chips - 8/10

Monday 22nd - Nipped to Norfolk

Marsh Gentian

I popped up to Norfolk after work for a quick look for plants and butterflies at Buxton Heath, Silver studded blues were about with brimstone, peacock, gatekeeper meadow brown and small copper. I was after two plants marsh gentian and marsh clubmoss these were easily located along with marsh helleborine and marsh fragrant orchid. I headed to the coast for chips at Sheringham and then had a brief wander round Buxton heath, bifd hemp nettle and some more marsh helleborines of note before heading home.

Chips - Seafare, Sheringham - Battered Saveloy, Chips and mushy peas - 8/10

Saturday 20th - Ogling in Oxfordshire

Downy Woundwort

I was visiting friends and family in Oxfordshire so made a few stops on the way to see some scarce plants, the first Meadow clary and then downy woundwort handily dodging the showers in-between. Next stop was for the rare introduced Birthwort alongside a damp ditch. My last stop was for creeping marshwort at a reintroduction site where it was just starting to come into flower. Another shower and I headed off.

Monday 15th - Lakenheath Luck

Large Hemp Nettle

I popped to Lakenheath RSPB after work for a short visit, I was after the large flowered hemp nettle which was flowering nicely, I was looking at the Perennial knawel when I heard a squeal. I investigated and a stoat had taken a small rabbit but was just disappearing into the undergrowth as I arrived, always nice to see.

Sunday 14th - Wicked Wicken


I joined Dave Grundy's Wicken Fen day moth course, there were plenty of traps to go through with a good number of moths. The stars were the micro moths silver barred, Pandemis dumetana, Ethmia quadrillella. There were some macro moths of course the lappet being the star but reed leopard, garden dart, small chocolate tip, Mere wainscot, reed dagger were all nice, an excellent day of moths and I learnt a bit as well.

Saturday 13th - Scorching Sussex

Sussex EmeraldRed Star Thistle

I started the day at Dungeness where marsh bedstraw was located, but I was here for moths and I joined the warden to open the moth traps at the Obs. Well they were rammed with moths largely of one species Synaphe punctalis But before the traps I was given the chance to see the recently discovered shieldbug Geotomus petite. Mothwise there were loads of moths new to me Sussex emerald, grass emerald, marbled coronet, Cynaeda dentalis, Ethmia bipunctella it was a decent haul with about 80 species and just as was leaving a sand dart arrived with another local moth trapper and a lesser emperor had been trapped in the Heligoland bird trap. I headed to High and Over Hill in Sussex for wildflowers, here a small group of us found a nice selection of plants, henbane (in fruit), musk thistle, knotted hedge parsley, white horehound. We moved to another local site for lunch, here was some burnt tip orchids, round headed rampion, bastard toadflax, dwarf spurge, red starred thistle and a selection of butterflies dark green fritillary, chalkhill blue, marbled white, gatekeeper, small skipper, red admiral, peacock, small heath meadow brown. It was time for chips and ice cream before I headed home.

Chips - Lexden Fish and Chips, Seaford, Spring Roll and Chips - 8/10

Friday 12th - Secret Suburban Surrey

Round Headed Rampion

From the moth trapping I headed straight to Surrey to join a small group in search of wildflowers. The Happy valley which should be called hidden valley is a small patch of open area in suburbia. Here are a selection of interesting flowers. greater yellow rattle was the star here and it was very plentiful. There was a nice selection round headed rampion, common valerian, burnex saxifrage. I headed to another small reserve not far away for a quick visit, here I found ground pine and cut leaved germander. The last site was more difficult to find plants as it was very overgrown but I did find black bindweed and a silver washed fritillary before some cold drinks and an ice cream.

Thursday 11th - Hammering Hamstreet

Scarce Merveille du Jour

After some chips I joined James Hunter for some moth trapping near Hamstreet. Conditions were good and with 7 traps we were hoping for plenty of moths but I did not imagine just how many. We were up all night finishing as dawn broke. The numbers of moths were in the thousands and about 190 species with a couple still to ID. Top species were small fan foot, vapourer, festoon, Bisigna procerella, metalampra italica, Dasycera oliviella, double kidney, Ypsolopha dentella, 4 spotted footman, Scarce Merveille du Jour.

Chips - Marino's, Ashford, Spam Fritter, pea fritter and Chips - 8/10

Tuesday 9th - Forest Fliers


Simon West and I headed to the Forest of Dean arriving at Nagshead at 8am, plenty of spotted flycatchers but no pied, we did have a nice male redstart. We met Ben and had a poke round his moth trap elephant hawkmoth, double striped pug, v pug, common carpet, marbled beauty. It was then off into the forest looking for wildlife. We found a nice dipper along with grey wagtails along a stream, had an ice cream. Eventually found some wild boar after plenty of searching, 3 groups at least one with piglets but they were not being co-operative for the camera. We finished off watching woodcock and some cracking nightjars in some clear fell areas before the long trip home, two badgers and three foxes seen on the journey.

Saturday 6th - Plant Paradise

Fine Leaved Fumitory

I started the day at Rye Harbour to see least lettuce but it was not yet in flower, I bumped into a guided botany walk and joined for a while we saw a few nice plants including sea pea, sea barley, twiggy mullien, Babbington's orache, great lettuce. I headed to Ranscombe farm to join the guided walk for National Meadows day focussing on meadow flowers but we did see some of the arable rares as well. Plants included broad leaved cudweed, fine leaved fumitory, deadly nightshade, sharp leaved fluellen, rock rose, clusted bellflower. I headed home stopping briefly for some goats rue.

Friday 5th - Chiltern Hell

Red Helleborine

I had the afternoon off to head to the Chilterns to see the rare red helleborine with a small group. It was in flower, just one plant but it had several flowers in various states of progress. I had seen this plant at this site before but it was a much better view today some violet helleborines were almost in flower close by. We then popped to another local site to see a few musk orchids as well as chalk fragrant orchid, squinancywort. I then headed to Warburg where the narrow lipped helleborines were not quite in flower but I did find several yellow birds nest before heading home.

Chips - Wendover Plaice, Wendover, Spring roll, Chips and Mushy Peas - 8/10

Thursday 4th - Moth Madness

Map Winged Swift

Catching up on some moth trapping this week at home and also some at Weeting heath where some nice moths were trapped. Archer's dart, dotted fanfoot, bordered white, royal mantle, plain wave, shaded pug, four dotted footman plus loads of micros and some brought a map winged swift they had trapped. At home moths included scalloped oak, swallowtailed moth, privet hawkmoth . After work one evening I had forrester and I lured an orange tailed clearwing as well, not a bad week.

Tuesday 2nd - Minsmere Mission

Red Tipped Cudweed

I headed to Minsmere after work to see red tipped cudweed which was coming into flower nicely, a family of treecreepers were a nice bonus. I worked my way home via several roadside nature reserves searching for a few wildflowers. I found a nice selection including slender tare, spiny restharrow, hoary mullien, sulphur clover but the orpine was not yet flowering, one for a revisit. My journey home was a cursed, I had to do some shopping but the Tesco had to be evacuated due to a fire alarm, the A14 was shut for over an hour due to a bad accident and all this followed a rather poor chip stop and I made it home at 11.30.

Chips - The Chip Inn, Stowmarket - Saveloy and chips 4/10



Sunday 30th - Sherwood Star

Welsh ClearwingBlack Hairstreak

The moth trap was heaving so after sorting out the haul and potting up some nice moths including lilac beauty, lackey, ghost moth, scorched wing, swallow tailed, buff tip and 17 hawk moths, privet and both elephants. After I headed to Sherwood Forest, the Major oak was quite impressive and a strategically placed ice cream van could not be avoided. However I was there for Welsh clearwing and several came in to my lures and I got some nice photos. A female Redstart was a nice bonus but not much else apart from squirrels. I visited my brother before popping in at College lake for a few plants Dragon's teeth, pheasants eye, corn cleavers and weasel's snout.

Chips - The Big Fish, Ollerton - Battered Sausage, Pickled egg and chips 8/10

Saturday 29th - Saturday Scorcher

Crested Cow WheatBlack Hairstreak

I met a few people for a botanical wander, first round Monks Wood for one rare plant the crested cow wheat, but a few other interesting plants were seen such as hairy St John's Wort, but the main part of the day was spent at Woodwalton Fen. However the two major rare plants were not present this year and the other goodies Fen ragwort and Greater water parsnip were not yet in flower. Lesser Water Parsnip was in flower as was fen bedstraw, marsh ragwort and water chickweed but it was very tough going in the incredible heat and there was little shade to help. There were plenty of dragonflies scarce chaser, black tailed skimmer, four spotted chaser, red eyed damselfly, large red damselfly. I diverted from my route home to pop into Glapthorn Cow Pasture for Black hairstreak which were showing well.

Friday 28th - Bits and Bobs

Scarlet TigerAdonis Ladybird

I popped out to the Brecks on Wednesday for a couple of hours ladybird hunting and caught up with a couple of plants corn marigold, small nettle, dark mullien. Ladybird wise several Adonis ladybirds a and plenty of 7, 14 and 16 spots and a thistle ermine moth.

I ran my LED moth trap at work and had a few nice moths, highlights Privet and elephant hawkmoths, clouded border, barred straw

And on Friday George Moreton kindly allowed me to visit to see a Scarlet tiger he had caught.

Sunday 23rd - Down But not Out

Adonis LadybirdScarlet Tiger

I already had a day out in Kent planned for a few plants but I awoke to find a message about the rediscovery in Kent of moth extinct in the UK for over 40 years. Clearly I had to put this into my route. First was a quick stop in Essex for round leaved wintergreen where plenty were in flower. Next stop in some chalk downland in Kent, I found 4 Hypercallia citrinalis and lured in some six belted clearwings and saw a yellow necked mouse and my first ringlet of the year. I then visited a few sites for some plants long stalked cranesbill, Jersey cudweed, flour leaved allseed, grass vetchling of note. I was not feeling great so I headed for home mid afternoon.

Saturday 22nd - Coastal Clearup

Striped HawkmothYarrow Broomrape

I had a selection of coastal sites to visit today for knotted hedge parsley followed by a visit to Overstrand for Yarrow broomrape here there were hundreds of plants including some different colour forms. painted ladies were everywhere . I diverted from the coast a little in search of White barred clearwing, one was lured in fairly quickly. After a lunch stop I headed to Minsmere for a wander, nothing in particular to target and a nice Norfolk hawker the highlight and more painted ladies. I made a brief stop at Landguard again just for a wander good numbers of painted ladies again noted. My last stop of the day was to visit Matthew Deans at Bawdsley who had kindly allowed me to visit to see a striped hawkmoth he had trapped the previous evening.

Chips - Taylor's, Martham - Spam Fritter, pickled egg, mushy peas and Chips - 8.5/10

Thursday 20th - Breckland Blast

Sea StocksPyrausta despicata

I had an appointment early afternoon but after managed a few hours in the Brecks for plants and insects, joined halfway through by Stuart Read. My first stop was Cranwich where Spanish catchfly was growing in profusion but I was after smooth rupturewort, a couple of plants in flower and plenty of Pyrausta despicata moths. I popped in on the perennial knawel which I had not been able to find a couple of weeks back but was now flowering and was straightforward to find. I dodged a rain shower in the car to my next destination where I found a few individuals of tower mustard in flower and plenty more not yet . Next stop was West Stow for maidens pink, Russian cinquefoil, field mouse ear, knotted and rough clovers and a nice angle sided scymnus ladybird amongst the other insects. Next stop was Icklingham for sickle medic and small Alison but the alison had already gone over. Stuart left and I headed to Lakenheath RSPB for a dusk wander and to eat some chips. I found a resting large skipper, a roe deer, cuckoo and barn owl during my brief walk.

Chips - Trawlers Catch, Lakenheath - Burger and Chips - 8/10

Saturday 15th - Welsh Wander

Sea Stocks

After some touristy stops we arrived at Kenfig dunes the sun came out and it was very warm. There were plentiful orchids, pyramidal, heath spotted, early marsh and southern marsh but we were searching for the rarer fen orchid which was flowering nicely. We took a wander round the reserve with some stonechats plentiful skylarks and we saw some of the attractive sea stocks and plenty of common broomrape. After a well-earned ice cream we made a quick stop nearby for vipers grass to round off the day.

Friday 14th - Stanner Specialities

Upright Perennial Knawel

We visited Stanner Rocks where the warden kindly gave us a guided tour of the reserve the highlights were botanical, perennial knawel, upright clover, sticky catchfly and spiked speedwell along with a few butterflies, painted lady, common blue and small heath and a wood warbler in the pleasant sunshine. The rest of the afternoon it rained so we were lucky with our timing, and thanks to Rhys the warden for our tour.

Thursday 13th - Rainy Rares

Upright Goosefoot

Despite the heavy rain I managed a trip out visiting College Lake which had a few common birds, but I was here for some plants the reintroduced scarce meadow plants here are of interest, field cow wheat, corn chamomile and corn poppy doing very well but a nice selection of the less abundant plants, corn cleavers, prickly poppy, shepherds needle, field gromwell, thorowax, corn buttercup but the upright goosefoot was the highlight.

Tuesday 11th - Homeward Bound

Northern marsh orchid var atrata

Unfortunately my trip to Coquet Island was cancelled due to the poor weather so I did some touristy stuff as I headed south. I made a couple of short stops the first at Seal Sands for common seals, a couple present and they left on the rising tide as I was there. Last stop was nearby where some rather striking northern marsh orchids var atrata along with several hybrids not easy to photograph in the wind and rain and I headed for home.

Chips - Golden G's, Middlesbrough - Parmo and chips 8/10

Monday 10th - Seabird City


I started the day at Fowlsheuge RSPB, a tree sparrow and a painted lady along with the expected seabirds, I had the reserve to myself and enjoyed the reasonable weather, next stop was nto far away where I explored the coast looking for Dickies bladder fern The rest of the day was spent doing touristy stuff as I made my was back into England.

Chip Shop - Jim Jacks, Peebles - Pizza and chips 9/10

Sunday 9th - Cairngorms

One Flowered WintergreenRed Squirrel

The moth trap only had a couple of common moths due to the very cold temperature overnight so I headed to the Caringorms, first stop was for Coralroot Orchids flowering nicely. During my trip to Scotland in April we found some nesting dippers and I took a quick look for them and they were still nesting showing nicely. Next stop was for One flowered and chickweed wintergreens which were just starting to flower. I popped into Loch Garten where I had some nice treecreepers, a Bank vole and a Red squirrel. I had a wander on Cairngorm for a short while before the rain started but only found a few plants incuding a couple of nice ones mountain everlasting and mountain avens. I headed over to Aberdeen for the evening taking a look at the bottle nosed dolphins before darkenss fell.

Chips - Low's Westhill - onion rings, Haggis and chips 8.5/10

Saturday 8th - Dragon Delight

Azure Hawker

I headed to Loch Maree first thing in good weather here I was again after Azure hawker and I quickly found one perching on a log. Next stop was for a few plants but the weather turned and I got totally soaked and did not find my targets. I headed north to Caithness for the evening and found a few plants of interest Purple Oxytropis and Reay eyebright and some twite in slightly better weather.

Chips - Robins Chippy, Thurso - Haggis bites, macaroni bites and chips 9/10

Friday 7th - Floral Frustration

Argent and SableCyphel

The moth trap had a nice selection of moths including Peppered Moth, foxglove pug, swallow prominent, scalloped hazel, peacock moth, dark prominent. I then drove to the Allt Mhuic reserve and had a wander in the pleasant early morning sun where I encountered some moths Silver hook, fox moth, argent and sable. I was after Azure hawker but during my wander only found a Chequered skipper, golden ringed dragonfly and small pearl bordered fritillary. As I headed to leave I disturbed a Azure hawker but it flew off and I did not manage a photo. I headed to Skye and the Old Man of Storr, I headed to the top in search of Iceland purslane but could only find plants that were not flowering, alpine saxifrage also was not flowering but I did find some nice alpine lady's mantle, cyphel, mossy saxifrage, moss campion which were all in flower.

Chips - Cafe Sia, Broadford - Haggis chips 9/10

Thursday 6th - West Coast Wonders

Chequered Skipper

I was in Perthshire first thing, heavy rain hampered my search for a couple of plants and at lunch time I gave up. I headed west where the weather improved and at Glasdrum wood the sun even came out enough for the chequered skippers, pearl bordered fritillaries and white spotted sables to show well as did a crew from Norfolk that I knew. I found a nice slow worm before leaving and I drove to Fort William for chips. I then headed to Allt Mhuic area for the evening, I found a nice spot for my moth trap.

Chips - Sammy's Fish & Chip Shop Caol - Chips haggis - 7/10

Wednesday 5th - Lovely Lakes

Walney Geranium

I was in the South Lakes which was dreary, cold and windy, first stop was Gait Barrows where angular solomon's seal and lily of valley and brittle bladder fern. Next stop was for Greater butterfly orchids alongside a busy dual carriageway. Walney Geranium was the next target found on Walney island After some chips I headed to Orton Meadows where leafless hawkweed was eventually found in a sea of other yellow flowers, plenty of other nice plants here including plenty of orchids.

Chips - Arnside Chip Shop - John Bull and Chips 9/10

Monday 3rd - Snowdon Specialities

Snowdon Lily

A much better day and we headed up Snowdon via the long tourist path, a few plants along the way but nothing of great interest. We reached the high parts and had some nice raraties, Arctic mouse ear, mossy campion, starry saxifrage but the target was the elegant Snowdon Lily. Lots of common species on the walk down and a few interesting ones until we joined the tourist path back down.

Sunday 2nd - Cwl Idwal Shocker

Tufted SaxifrageStarry Saxifrage

It was a shocking day heavy rain as a small group of us headed up Cwm Idwal for rare mountain plants. It was not easy in the pouring rain but we did find Alpine clubmoss, bog stitchwort, mountain sorrel and plenty of sedges in the lower areas. In the higher areas we had tufted saxifrage, green spleenwort, alpine saxifrage (not in flower), moss campion, starry saxifrage and lesser clubmoss. The weather was still poor but as we decended the rain stopped and it cleared for some nice views and the chance to dry off. Another set of plants as we headed back via a different route, lemon scented fern, lady fern, Wilson's filmy fern, marsh violet and plenty of feral goats. After something to eat we headed to a local site for forked spleenwort and an impressive array of lichen, before calling it a night.

Saturday 1st - Orme

Great Orme CotoneasterSea Storksbill

I started a day of Botany at Abergele for Italian alkanet, then on to the Great Orme which was a little misty, some nice stonechats and feral goats the mist refused to clear and the rain arrived so I tried different area for Welsh hawkweed. I had to pop to Anglesey for Spotted rock rose again in poor weather. I did a couple of tourist stops during the worst of the weather and headed back to the Great Orme late afternoon. Plenty of Feral goats and I managed to find the specialities such as Great Orme cotoneaster, spotted cats ear and sea storksbill. I headed to Anglesey where I was staying, popping into Cors Bodeilio for a nice selection of plants some nice orchids, bogbean, marsh lousewort. Then two quick stops for Anglesea and Southern Horsetails before chips.

Chips - Aran, Llangefni - Fish and Chips - 7.5/10



Friday 31st - Thrift Stop

Tall Thrift

I was heading to North Wales for a few days but took a bit of a detour, after work I headed to Lincolnshire where in a Graveyard the tall form of thrift grows. A brief stop for some field pepperwort which was actually on the route to Wales.

Thursday 30th - Ladybirdy Brecks

Angle Sided Scymnus

A quick after work visit to the brecks for some more ladybird hunting. Just a couple of sites but a nice selection of ladybirds pine scymnus, pointed keeled rhizobus, angle sided scymnus and 22 spotted of note plus plenty of the more common species.

Chips - Bryant Road Fish Bar, Chatham - Battered Saveloy, Chips and pea fritter 8/10

Wednesday 29th - Rainy Ranscombe

Rough Poppy

An afternoon visit to Ranscombe Farm was severly hampered by rain, sometimes heavy but always annoying and coupled with gusty wind made photography very difficult. Still a few nice plants were seen including narrow fruited corn salad, interrupted brome, rough poppy, everlasting sweet pea, columbine. I popped to Holborough briefly for some early and southern marsh orchids but the heavy rain did not allow for full exploration of the site. The M25 was blocked so the journey home was a chore so not the best afternoon, hope for better to come.

Chips - Bryant Road Fish Bar, Chatham - Battered Saveloy, Chips and pea fritter 8/10

Tuesday 28th - Illuminating

LED Moth Trap

I finally finished my LED battery micro moth trap and gave it its first outing, it is 4 LEDs all of different wavelengths in a plastic box and pretty much everything fits inside it for transport. It worked well with a nice selection of moths of species I had caught earlier in the week. willow beauty, treble lines, hebrew character, heart and dart Now all I need to do is make use of it.

Monday 27th - Birds and Botany


A day out in Kent, actually started in East Sussex, I popped in at the Spiked rampion site, two spikes coming into flower. I headed to Rye Harbour to see the Terns, large numbers of sandwich terns were nesting close to the hide allowing for some nice photographic opportunities. Plenty of gulls and some avocet chicks of note. I had a wander round the reserve plenty of plants in flower including birds foot clover, sea milkwort, bee orchid, salsify, yellow horned poppy.. A quick stop at Dungeness for Honewort and sea pea, then Greatstone for Sand Catchfly and an ice cream. Last stop (almost) was at Littlestone where the serin was showing nicely singing in a tall pine tree. Time for chips and a brief stop near Dartford for yellow pea and Hungarian vetch before home.

Chips - Seasalter Fish Bar, Seasalter - Battered Saveloy, Chips and Pickled Egg 8/10

Sunday 26th - Well Spotted

Four Spotted Moth

After a nice lie in I popped out to a local site to look for a scarce moth and it took some searching but I found my target four spotted moth. This moth is rather scarce and finding them is a treat.

Saturday 25th - Basically Bats

Whiskered Bat

A small group of us from the Cambridgeshire Bat group met at Bedford Purlieus right in the far North of Cambridgeshire for another night of surveying. Another good night with over 20 bats of 7 species Barbastelle, Common and Soprano pipistrelles, Brown long eared bat, Natterer's, Noctule. It was yet another late finish particularly with a bad accident on the A1 causing us some delays home.

Chips - Fish n Chick n, Sawston - Battered Sausage, Chips and Onion Rings 8/10

Friday 24th - Attention!

Military Orchid

I did a quick afterwork jaunt to the Brecks just one stop the Rex Graham reserve for the Military orchids in the public enclosure approx. 20 in flower. I did a quick look for ladybirds and got 5 species, 7, 16 and 24 spot along with pointed keeled rhizobius and red rumped scymnus.

Wednesday 22nd - Bumper Bats

Soprano Pipistrelle

I made a quick stop at Cherry Hinton chalk pits but not much apart from some columbine. I headed to Monk's Wood where the Cambridgeshire Bat Group were doing another survey. We had guests from English Nature for a good part of the evening and we had a bumper catch of bats to show them Barbastelle, Common and Soprano pipistrelles, Brown long eared bat, Natterer's, Noctule, serotine. An excellent night but a late finish 3am home.

Chips - Rumbles Fish Bar, Sawtry - Battered Sausage, Chips and Mushy Peas 8/10

Monday 20th - Ladybirds and Lambs

Small Flowered Catchfly

I did a little bit of ladybird hunting and a quick look for some plants in the Brecks after work. 2, 7, 16, 24 spot and harlequin here two lambs had escaped from their field but the farmer arrived while I was there and caught them. Plant wise some nice Breckland pansies, meadow saxifrage and small flowered catchfly the highlights. I passed the field and another lamb was out, a couple of people joined me and we managed to catch it and return it to the field.

Sunday 19th - Stour Stuff

Blue Tailed Damselfly

I joined a small group for a botanical wander down the River Stour. We started with a few aquatic plants including ivy leaved and lesser duckweed, both pond sedges, shiny pondweed. Plenty of riverside plants meadow cranesbill, spindle, shiny cranesbill, bulbous buttercup to name a few plants. The riverside was alive with may flies and despite the persistent afternoon rain dragonflies and damselflies, hairy dragonfly, blue tailed damsel and banded demoiselle.

Friday 17th - Bat tastic


The Cambridgeshire Bat group did a night survey of Hayley Woods, conditions were good and we caught a nice selection of bats, the highlight a couple of barbastelles but always nice to see brown long eared, natterer's, common and soprano pipistrelle. I had a little wander round before a nice chiff chaff was showy and a few early purple orchids were still in flower. Plenty of cowslips coming into flower as was dewberry.

Tuesday 14th - Bittern a little

Little Bittern

I could not resist the little bittern just over 20 mins from work, so an evening trip ensued. The little bittern showed shortly after my arrival after an absence of a few hours. It was distant but showed reasonable well off and on for an hour before I headed home.

Monday 13th - Bits in the Brecks

16 Spot Ladybird

I popped to the Brecks for a ladybird search but had a quick look at some plants, dwarf cudweed and annual knawel . Ladybird wise plenty about of 4 species, 7, 16, 24 and Rhiz Litura, some treepipits and wood larks were displaying nearby made for a pleasant evening.

Saturday 11th - Birdrace

Lakenheath RSPB

Bird race day was upon us again and Mike Harris, Stephen Patemore and I headed off from Downham Market at midnight in the faithful Kia Picanto. The weather was less than ideal cold and frequent showers made the night hours hard going and a couple of regular birds did not oblige with their presence. But a few sites at dawn produced good numbers of birds although we were still dodging the showers. We were focused in the Brecks for the morning some notable birds were long eared owl, crossbill, but a black kite was the pick of the birds here. We headed to the coast where a large number of birds were waiting for us. dotterel, purple heron, great spotted cuckoo, wryneck plus a whole host of scarce species whinchat and wood sandpiper and the list was building steadily towards 150 and Titchwell delivered with a nice selection of birds including black terns but the highlight here was an osprey. We picked up a couple late species woodcock and nightjar before calling it a day with a final total of 158 species. Some notable misses, turtle dove, little ringed plover, yellow wagtail, golden pheasant but still a nice total and some good scarce species.

Louisiana - Mar 2019

Monday 6th - Kentish Flowers

Green WInged Orchid

I had a botanical day out in Kent, first stop the lovely Dartford heath, upright chickweed, birdsfoot and petty whin. Malling toadflax in Malling no less and then a brief stop for Coralroot and Meadow saxifrage. Then to Marden meadow for the green winged orchid bonanza. Time for chips before heading to the coast for small flowered buttercup, early spider orchid, common ramping fumitory and many others. It was then time for a quick stop for lady, early purple and fly orchids before heading home.

Chips - Del's Fish Bar, Tenterden - Saveloy, Chips and Mushy Peas 7/10

Thursday 2nd - Heading Home

Black Necked Grebe

First stop was South Kirkby where an Iberian Chiffchaff had been present we located the bird but were not completely convinced it was one. Next stop was St Aidan's RSPB where some cracking Black necked grebes were present. Last stop was Frampton Marsh RSPB which always has a nice selection of birds today was no exception some nice ruff but we could not find the long billed dowicher between the very heavy showers. And that was our trip over and we headed home.

Wednesday 1st - Yankle Doodle Dandy

American Black DuckRed Squirrel

We started at Strontian for the Black duck which we only had in flight. We searched the river with no luck but found a few grasshopper warblers. We headed to Resipole via the wildlife hide but not much doing apart from the odd common seal but James located two golden eagles the other side of the Loch very nice and a few twite was a bonus. Back at Strontian a couple of people had a scope pointed at the river, we stopped and they had the black duck which showed very nicely. We made a quick stop for red squirrels and black guillemots before heading south. The last stop was at Loch Feorlin a nice wheatear on the walk to the Loch where we found the very long staying Pied billed grebe.

Chips - Mr Pia's, Inverary - Haggis and chips 9/10



Tuesday 30th - Diver Fest

Black throated DiverBlue Winged Teal

The moths caught were Engrailed, water carpet, scarce prominent, purple thorn, Nut tree tussock, clouded drab, hebrew character, yellow barred brindle, red chestnut, common quaker, brindled beauty, puss moth, powdered quaker, early thorn, light knot grass.. We headed north catching up with black throated divers on the way. At Portsoy we added summer plumaged white billed divers and a harbour porpoise. Along the coast we caught up with the distant king eider. We made a quick moth stop where we found a few species in a toilet block. Our last stop was for the blue winged teal but on the way we made plenty of stops along the edge of Lochs catching up with dozens and dozens of Great Northern divers along with several red throated and black throated divers. A few feral goats were seen as well. The blue winged teal showed well on the small loch.

Monday 29th - Old Glory

Kentish GloryHieroglyphic ladybird

We woke to the babbling of Black grouse approx. 30 were lekking at our freezing cold site in Northern England, it was a pretty amazing site. We drove to Musselborough where the Scoter fest started with white winged, surf, common and velvet all showing nicely from the sea wall. We headed further north stopping to look for moths but we had just missed the season but we did have some Hieroglyph ladybirds and a roe deer. Moth wise we did find a Glaucous shears and plenty of green haristreaks. But the highlight was at least 10 emperor moths. We headed to the Aviemore area where we managed to catch a Kentish Glory moth it was colour marked part of a scheme so we recorded the details and later passed them on. After some chips we headed out and set up the moth traps. It took a while to get dark a few woodcock roding. We caught a few moths but the temperature was dropping quickly and the catch the next morning was modest.

Chips - Smiffy's, Aviemore - Haggis and chips 8/10

Sunday 28th - Northward Bound

After flying home from Sicily mid afternoon, James Hunter was waiting for me and we headed off, first stop was Paxton Pits where the American widgeon was quickly located along with some singing nightingales and some common warblers. Next stop was Attenborough Reserve where a Savi's warbler was singing but it did not show itself and we headed off.

Sunday 21st - Nomadic Northants

Pasque Flower

I did a bit of a tour round Northants, but started just over the border in North Cambs, first stop was Barnack for a wonderful display of Pasque flowers then a wander round Bedford Purlieus to see the fine woodland floral bloom, the highlight herb paris just starting to flower. Next stop was an electrical shop in Kettering for some Chinese mallow, then in a Northampton housing estate for pink shepherds purse and mousetails at Mc Donalds was a very eccletic mix. A tourist stop interrupted things and the last Northants stop was a Churchyard for the impressive tower cress. I headed for home stopping for some common fumitory.

Saturday 20th - Breckland Beauties

Emperor Moth

I started late morning in Thetford to see two rare speedwells, both were nicely in flower but fingered and breckland speedwells are very small so my photography antics had passing motorists stopping regularly to check if I was OK and almost caused one crash. Then off to Weeting Heath for a walk, look at some moths and see the stone curlews. Emperor moth always a pleasure to see but a nice selection of moths Greater prominent, least black arches, pine beauty, brindled beauty. Some green hairstreaks amongst a nice selection of common butterflies finished off the trip along with a well earned ice cream.

Friday 19th - Southern Belle

Sand CrocusDwarf Sedge

I was up very early and made it to Dartmoor before the Easter hoards were even up. I easily found feral ponies but could not find any deer during an extensive drive round. I headed off the Dawlish Warren and I timed it well as the crowds were still behind me. The glorious sunshine would I hope bring out the sand crocus at one of only two sites for it. I was in luck and found half a dozen and was very pleased as I missed it last year. As the crown arrived I headed off for some chips and then headed up the M5 watching the southern side at a virtual standstill. My next stop was Brean down in Somerset where I was hoping for a quick stop to find White rock rose and dwarf sedge. The rock rose was very easy and a kind warden on his day off showed me the sedge and some dwarf mouse ear, an ice cream was in order and a locally produced one was on offer. My last stop was in the Avon gorge I was after Bristol rockcress and I knew a few spots to try, the first came up trumps but also had some Bristol onion almost in flower as a bonus. Several Whitebeams were just starting to flower but I could only identify two species Observatory and sharp leaved whitebeam, it was a bit too early for most. That brought the end to a good day out.

Chips - Krispies, Exmouth - Saveloy, Pea Fritter, Cheese balls and half chips, half battered chips 9/10

Tuesday 16th - Goldilocks in the Forest

Walters's Goldilocks Buttercup

A brief after work visit into a local wood. Here are possibly two different micro species of Goldilocks Buttercup, Gransden and Walters's Goldilocks Buttercups, the Gransdens had been damaged but the Walters were in fine condition. Plenty of common plant species on my walk.

Thursday 11th - Floral Flit

Wild Tulip

A brief after work visit into Suffolk for some special plants, grape hyacinth always nice to see but the prize was wild tulip, three in flower.

Tuesday 9th - Mouse in my House, but not a House Mouse

Yellow Necked Mouse

It is not unusual having mice in my garage but there is one in a wall space at home, I set a few Longworths in my Garage and near the wall and one had a capture of a nice yellow necked mouse. He went for a photo shoot and was let go outside the village and nothing since so he was the culprit.

Sunday 7th - Homeward Detour

American Skunk Cabbage

I was heading home from Heathrow but took a detour via Ivy Hatch in Kent to see the impressive display of American Skunk Cabbage which was flowering nicely, not too much else apart from a few common plants so I headed for home.



Saturday 23rd - Airport Adventure

Drooping Star of Bethlehem

I was heading to Heathrow for a flight to the USA, but took a detour via Stirtloe for drooping star of Bethlehem which was flowering nicely, as were some white flowered sweet violets, blackthorn, lesser celandine. My last stop was just a quick one in the Chilterns, where some spurge laurel was flowering in a churchyard.

Thursday 21st - March Moths

Oak Beauty

I finally got the moth trap out and caught a few moths, oak beauty the best of a small catch. Toad numbers at my toad crossing continue to drop due to development of their route to breeding ponds but a few were out tonight.

Sunday 17th - Dire Derbyshire


I was in Derbyshire for a couple of days not nature related stuff but managed a quick look for a couple of plants, the first on Friday was hutchinsia which was on an exposed hill in an incredible storm, I was on hands and knees as the wind was so strong and the plant so small. I found one but could not photograph it or the common whitlow grass also present and the only plant that was sheltered was a rue leaved saxifrage. The second was Merezeon which I had to battle with snow and hail but fortunately the wind was not too strong and I could at least get a few photos.

Sunday 10th - Cambridge Quicky

Purple Toothwort

With my escapades to Shetland I had a backlog at work so spent most of the day there, but on the way home I popped into Cambridge. I easily located purple toothwort which I have seen before then tried for Butterbur which was a little harder to fine but I did locate some after 10 mins searching. There was a sign detailing its location which I stumbled upon later! I took a quick look for water voles I found one briefly but as the black clouds arrived I headed back to the car and home.

Saturday 9th - Botanising Norwich

Skinking Hellebore

I met up with a small group to so a botany search of the Mousehold Heath area of Norwich. The weather was not ideal with strong wind but the rain mostly held off. We found 46 plants in flower mostly common species and a few naturalised ones, including Petty spurge, sun spurge, white comfrey, alexanders, charlock. I popped into Cherry Hinton on the way home but all I could find was some stinking hellebore.

Sunday 3rd - Homeward Bound


After a quick bus ride back to the airport and purchasing the car back from Long stay parking we were off into Glenshee, some goosander along the river of note. Glenshee ski area was cold, windy and with heavy sleet / snow it made searching for ptarmigan difficult. But we did find a group of 5 and a dozen or so mountain hares and the off red grouse. Next stop was Musselburgh where plenty of goldeneye and a few scoter amongst the eider. We detoured home via North Pennines for black grouse one obliged by the side of the road which was luck given the heavy snow and poor visibility. One last chip stop before an uneventful trip home two fallow deer at the edge of the village as we got back to finish the trip.

Chips - 149, Barnard Castle - Haggis, Cheese Savoury Chips 8/10

Saturday 2nd - Scouring Shetland

Iceland Gull Long Tailed Duck

We were up early and at Shetland Catch fish factory here an Iceland gull was present briefly but nothing else. We headed south stopping near Leebotten for two tundra bean geese in a flock of greylag geese, a lone pink foot was tagging along as well. Next we headed to Loch of Spiggie where we had a Slavonian grebe and in the south corner the pied billed grebe. We went down to Quendale bumping into some Whooper swans. Next stop was Boddam where we had a nice selection of birds in the Voe, the pick were several purple sandpipers. The rosefinch was a no show in Cunningsburgh so we headed north a mountain hare of note. Toft was productive a partial ermine stoat near the ferry terminal was very nice as was a small flock of twite. Sullom Voe was our next stop but little of note and we headed back to Lerwick for more gulls at the fish factory. Here two Iceland gulls showed nicely along with the common species and some nice long tailed ducks. It was time for chips before getting the ferry back to Aberdeen.

Chips - Fort Cafe and Take Away, Lerwick - Haggis, Crabsticks and Chips 7/10

Friday 1st - Owl's that

Tengmalm's Owl

Another bite at the Tengmalm's Owl started with the long overnight drive to Aberdeen was uneventful as was the flight to Sumburgh. The bright green hire car was an eye sore but it got us to Tresta where the Tengmalm's owl was showing nicely in a tree. We watched if for a while in the pleasant sunshine. A quick visit to the shop for a celebratory ice cream. Then a quick visit to Kirkabister where we had great northern divers and eventually the white billed diver in very tough sea watching conditions. We headed back to Tresta for the owl, as dusk fell the owl emerged and headed out to hunt. We headed to Lerwick for chips and some sleep.

Chips - Happy Haddock, Lerwick - Haggis 8/10 and Chips 6/10



Wednesday 27th - Breckland Bonus


I took a morning pre work wander in the brecks, some displaying woodlarks were enjoying the spring like weather as was a brimstone. Several mandarin ducks were on the river along with two otters which showed very well for a while fishing. I was enjoying having the place to myself and eventually had to head back a water vole and a water rail of note. It was a very pleasant walk

Friday 22nd - Shetland

I took the long overnight drive to Aberdeen and flew to Shetland, I managed to get a lift with two welsh birders Rob and Gareth in their hire car. However a tyre issue meant a car change in Lerwick was required and we were last to arrive on site, not that we were missing much. I spent all day on site but no sign of the Tengmalm's owl. A few year ticks were all I could muster red grouse, fulmar, raven and hooded crow. Darkness fell with no sign and I had to fly back to Aberdeen after a disappointing day. Top thanks to the guys who helped me out with lifts most appreciated. And yes it reappeared the next morning!

Wednesday 20th - Local Bits

Pale brindled beauty

With the mornings and evenings becoming brighter I am commuting to and from work when it is vaguely light. I have been seeing plenty of wildlife on my commute, buzzards, red kite, a herd of 10 fallow deer, muntjac, kestrel and brown hare in the last week. I have had some incidental garden sightings of moths and ladybirds over the last couple of weeks, a pale brindled beauty of note, a brown rat in the garden and bird highlights are some reed buntings.

Saturday 16th - Bits in the Brecks

Tawny Owl Kumliens Gull

I spent the day in the Brecks a brief stop at Santon Downham for lesser spotted woodpecker and a brief water vole. Some spring snowflake along with snowdrops nicely decorated the woods nearby. I drove some arable areas looking for deer and hares, muntjac, roe deer and a lone brown hare. I then went out of the Brecks to see a roosting Tawny owl in North Elmsham which are alway nice to see. Back in the Brecks with the masses at Lyndford for hawfinch and brambling and a lesser spotted James Hunter. I stopped off for some stinking hellebore before finishing at Lackford lakes. Here the kumliens gull and a caspian gull were the highlights.

Little Chippy, Litcham - Saveloy and Chips, Chips 7/10

Monday 11th - Stevenston Smasher

Ivory Gull Ivory Gull

Finally finished my weekend working so have more time for wildlife and I started by driving overnight to Scotland, after a brief nap, I found myself at Loch where a nice redhead smew was present but the ducks were nervy and with no cover along the Loch the chance for photos was minimal so I headed off to Troon. Here was a nice selection of pipits showing nicely apart from the water pipit. Eventually I located it and in between the dog walkers, and other beachgoers I managed a couple of photos. I headed off to the main event the release of the Ivory gull. About 100 people had congregated at Stevenston Point for the release of the recuperated adult Ivory gull. It hopped out of the box onto the grass before flying round then flew into the bay. The resident gulls gave it a bit of a hard time and we got some more flyby views before things settled down and it preened in the bay until I left.

Angel Lane Chippy, Penrith - Haggis, Chips 8/10

Saturday 5th - Bleak Brecks


I took a pre work walk for an hour or so in the Brecks, the weather was poor and the only thing of note was a hawfinch.

Sunday 3rd - Breckland Butcher


I spent the morning at Santon Downham, here a rather nice Great Grey Shrike was present but I first took a wander and manged to locate a lesser spotted woodpecker and several water rails. Mandarins were of note but not much else so I headed for the Shrike which showed very nicely just north of the railway. I spotted some annual knawel plants on the walk back to the car so will need to pop back when it is in flower. I went home via Bury St Edmunds where the small group of waxwings showed nicely, however urban birding always has its issues and there were some complete tossers clearly not happy at the presence of 4 birders.

Chips - Codfather, Bury St Edmunds - Spring Roll, chips 7/10



Leafy Goosefoot - Semi Discovery in Kent

Kent Botany 2018

I am very lucky to have my joint discovery of Leafy Goosefoot described in this report and it features on the cover (not my photo). I was given the site for another plant dwarf mallow which I was keen to see, duly found I bumped into a goosefoot which I could not ID, I thought it was possibly Strawberry Blight (a similar goosefoot species). Dave visited the site and corrected the identity. Many Thanks to Dave for sorting the ID and submitting the record.

Tuesday 28th - Breckland Bust


I managed a couple of hours before work in the Brecks but although a lovely morning but I had no luck with the Shrike or any otters and only the briefest view of a lesser spotted woodpecker. But a kingfisher, bullfinch, brambling, water rail and thousands of siskin of note.

Friday 18th - Crazy for Cranes

Whooper Swan

I am working pretty much every day in January so when pretty much all of Cambridgeshire's Crane population was spotted together I finished work early and headed over to Manea. On arrival 42 cranes were visible and a fly over of another 4 made 46. I think a couple more have been counted in subsequent days but still 46 was pretty amazing to see. I stopped to see a flock of whooper swans and managed to locate one Bewick's as well. I finished the day at Burwell, no owls were present abut 16 roe deer and the common bird species.

Burwell Chip Shop, Burwell - Battered Sausage, Chips 7/10

Saturday 12th - Lincolnshire Lows

Golden Plover

I headed to Huttoft Bank for the Dusky Warbler, a barn owl and three roe deer of note on the journey up. I was first on site but a handful of people joined me in the search. After about an hour it was located. It showed briefly a few times and was always moving keeping low in the ditch sheltering from the strong winds and no chance of a photo. We followed it up the ditch but lost it and I did not see it again, despite the bird news messages it never showed well. I headed for Kirkby on Bain but the assembled birders could not find the American widgeon, probably sleeping somewhere out of view. I finished the day at Frampton Marsh nothing of note but the golden plover roost was excellent but the day felt a little flat, at least the chips had improved.

Sutterton Fish and Chip Shop, Sutterton - Battered Sausage, pea fritter, Chips 8/10

Many Thanks

Llangollen Whitebeam

I have always been interested in all wildlife but have historically concentrated on mammals, birds, butterflies and dragonflies in the main, but over the last few years I have diversified into different taxa. I started with ladybirds, bumblebees, whitebeams and a few families of plants and latterly continued into more plants, fungi and other insect groups. Starting from a low base is quite difficult but many people have helped me with information and guidance and identification. I am not going to name people here they know who they are but I just wanted to thank all the people who have helped and continue to help me.

Sunday 6th - Super Stoat


I was working today, good job it was quiet at work and I could take it easy as I was still not well. I went out to the car around lunch time to get my lunch and saw the resident stoat. I grabbed the camera and followed him and got a few decent views before he eventually gave me the slip. But I am always pleased to catch up with them.

Field Guide to Ladybirds of Great Britain and Ireland


Just before Christmas I got the eagerly awaited "Field Guide to Ladybirds of Great Britain and Ireland" from Helen Roy and Peter Brown, and nicely illustrated by Richard Lewington. We have been waiting for a proper field guide to ladybirds for ages particularly for the 25 or so cryptic species which cause us such headaches identifying them. The cryptic species until now only had scientific names but we have some names for them and some are very similar to our local names but a few we were well off the now official names. The book is good I would have liked a little more on how to separate some of the similar looking cryptic species and I think the life size pictures are actually too small. Also as with books it is going out of date one species mentioned briefly in the back I have seen and there are loads of records going back a couple of years so this species could have really made the full species section. 8/10 and much better than anything else available.

Saturday 5th - Sick in Norfolk

Tiny Earthstar White Headed Duck

I was up early, but halfway to the North Norfolk coast I had to stop for some sleep. I have been ill for days and hardly slept and was struggling. The trip was eventful, fallow deer and muntjac, barn owl and a brown rat in a layby. I eventually made it to Burnham Overy dunes, a brown hare crossed the track on the walk down but I was here to look for dwarf and tiny earth stars which I did find along with another unidentified earthstar. Plenty of geese were present White fronts, Barnacle, Brent, Egyptian, Pink foot and greylag. I made it back to the car and for a well-earned rest along with a selection of medicines. Next I headed to Wells but stopped along the way for some Bar headed geese which were rather unexpected. Wells had a distant male hen harrier a glaucous gull and a guillemot resting on the shore in the harbour. I headed to Burnham Market for the first chips of the year but was very disappointed they were terrible. I was still feeling terrible so headed for home rather than Titchwell as was my original plan. I stopped for a break and saw the message about the white headed duck not too far from home so went via there for a quick look before heading for my bed.

Chips - Mermaid, Burnham Market - Spring Roll, chips, mushy peas 3/10

Tuesday 1st - Lucky Lincs

Martin's Ramping fumitory

I managed to get up from my sick bed for a couple of hours to visit south Lincolnshire to see Martin's Ramping fumitory a rather rare plant. It was the first of this years project to photograph 100 new plants Keep an eye on progress on the sidebar. I also found a couple of earthstars, one unidentifiable the other probably striated.

No Chips on New Years Day they always seem to close up.


2018 Review



Another great mammal year with some amazing encounters particularly with two new UK mammals Orca that were amazing and the long staying Beluga totally unexpected. Brilliant Edible dormice, a Leisler's bat were worth mentioning and my second Bearded seal was also very nice to see. Probably the A total of 50 species in total (48 photographed) which makes the 11th year in a row exceeding 50 species, I won't try for 50 this year as I think I have demonstrated that 50 species in a year is now easily acheivable, but I will keep a list.


Grey Carbird

A poor bird year with only 203 species seen, as I focussed on other taxa. Some highlights were ptarmigan, white winged scoter and pomarine to name a few. New species were a bit thin on the ground and I only caught up with Grey Catbird, Moltoni's Warbler, Stejneger's stonechat, I must do better but work kept getting in the way of twitches.

Other Wildlife and Trips

Leafy Goosefoot Scymnus nigrinus

Following up on my other areas of interest I had a great year with some nice new Ladybirds the highlights were False spotted and Black scymnus, other highights were a Oleander hawkmoth, thrift clearwing, Beautiful Marbled and tree cricket I finally got my last Whitebeam the localised Llangollen Whitebeam. Several broomrapes and a whole selection of nice plants and a few rares such as Shetland Mouse ear, ox tongue broomrape, sand catchfly, sulphur Clover, Greater Broomrape, Deptford Pink, South Stack Fleawort, leafy goosefoot. I also caught up with some cool fungi, white cage fungus the pick. Trip wise it was busy with two weeks in Sri Lanka and Dubai where we had over 280 species of birds and 70 species of mammals, including some crackers like red slender loris and Bryde's Whale. A trip to Israel was eventful and we caught up with the uber rare Persian Fallow Deer. A week in Scotland mainly Shetland for local specialities such as Orca, oysterplant, Shetland mouse ear. I also joined the Dutch Mammal Group for a trip to Romania where Romanian hamster was the highlight.

Catch up with the 2018 blog


2019 Targets

Green when Seen

  • Orange Tailed Clearwing
  • White Barred Clearwing
  • Welsh Clearwing
  • Schmidts Scymnus Ladybird
  • Wartbiter
  • Horseshoe Ladybird
  • One flowered wintergreen
  • Perennial knawel
  • Dodder
  • Wild Tulip
  • Weather Earthstar
  • Elegant Earthstar
  • Spotted Rock Rose
  • Somerset Skullcap
  • Ground Pine
  • Spiked Rampion
  • Yarrow Broomrape
  • Thyme Broomrape
  • Field Gentian
  • Sand Crocus
  • Wish List

    Green when Seen

  • Ladybird Spider
  • Snowdon Lily
  • Arctic Sandwort
  • Red cage Fungus
  • Norwegian Mugwort
  • Iceland Purslane
  • Birds Nest Fungus
  • Tufted Saxifrage
  • Radnor Lily
  • Field Cricket
  • Alpine Catchfly
  • Drooping Saxifrage
  • Teesdale Sandwort
  • Strapwort
  • Slender Centaury
  • Perennial Centaury
  • Sallow Clearwing
  • 13 Spot Ladybird
  • Bee Beetle
  • Beaked Earthstar
  • 2019 UK Mammal List (No Target This Year)

    Green when photographed

  • 1 - Fallow Deer
  • 2 - Muntjac
  • 3 - Brown Rat
  • 4 - Brown Hare
  • 5 - Stoat
  • 6 - Roe Deer
  • 7 - Red Fox
  • 8 - Grey Squirrel
  • 9 - Rabbit
  • 10 - Otter
  • 11 - Water Vole
  • 12 - Grey Seal
  • 13 - Common Seal
  • 14 - Soprano Pipistrelle
  • 15 - Mountain Hare
  • 16 - Yellow Necked Mouse
  • 17 - Feral Pony
  • 18 - Feral Goat
  • 19 - Red Deer
  • 20 - Harbour Porpoise
  • 21 - Common Pipistrelle
  • 22 - Barbastelle
  • 23 - Brown Long Eared Bat
  • 24 - Natterer's Bat
  • 25 - Noctule
  • 26 - Serotine
  • 27 - Whiskered Bat
  • 29 - Bottle Nosed Dolphin
  • 30 - Field Vole
  • 31 - Bank Vole
  • 32 - Red Squirrel
  • 33 - Wild Boar
  • 33 - Badger
  • 34 - Weasel
  • 35 - Lesser Horseshoe Bat
  • 36 - Greater Horseshoe Bat
  • 37 - Brant's Bat
  • 38 - Bechstein's Bat
  • 39 - Daubenton's Bat
  • 40 - Harvest Mouse
  • 41 - Wood Mouse
  • 42 - Edible Dormouse
  • 43 - Polecat
  • 44 - Common Shrew
  • 45 - Pygmy Shrew
  • 46 - Water Shrew
  • 47 - Leisler's Bat
  • 48 - Chinese Water Deer
  • 49 - Sika
  • 500 UK Birds

  • 481 - Western purple swamphen
  • 482 - Siberian Accentor
  • 483 - Forster's Tern
  • 484 - Blue Rock Thrush
  • 485 - Elegant Tern
  • 486 - Cedar Waxwing
  • 487 - Moltoni's Warbler
  • 488 - Grey Catbird
  • 489 - Stejneger's Stonechat
  • 490 - Tengmalms Owl
  • 491 - Brown Booby
  • 492 - Paddyfield Pipit
  • 493 - Eastern Yellow Wagtail
  • 494 -
  • 495 -
  • 496 -
  • 497 -
  • 498 -
  • 499 -
  • 500 -
  • 100 New Plant Species Photo Project

    100 New Plants Gallery

  • 1 - Martin's Ramping Fumitory
  • 2 - Spring Snowflake
  • 3 - Stinking Hellebore
  • 4 - Corn Spurrey
  • 5 - Butterbur
  • 6 - Merezeon
  • 7 - Drooping Star of Bethelehem
  • 8 - Spurge Laurel
  • 9 - American Skunk Cabbage
  • 10 - Wild Tulip
  • 11 - Sand Crocus
  • 12 - Dwarf Mouse Ear
  • 13 - Dwarf Sedge
  • 14 - Bristol Onion
  • 15 - Herb Paris
  • 16 - Chinese Mallow
  • 17 - Pink Shephers Cress
  • 18 - Mouse Tail
  • 19 - Tower Cress
  • 20 - Common Fumitory
  • 21 - Common Ramping Fumitory
  • 22 - Small Flowered Buttercup
  • 23 - Meadow Saxifrage
  • 24 - Mailling Toadflax
  • 25 - Annual Knawel
  • 26 - Upright Chickweed
  • 27 - Petty Whin
  • 28 - Coralroot
  • 29 - Great Yellow cress
  • 30 - Bur Chervil
  • 31 - Shiny Pondweed
  • 32 - Small Flowered Catchfly
  • 33 - White Rock Rose
  • 34 - Yellow Pea
  • 35 - Hungarian Vetch
  • 36 - Sea Pea
  • 37 - Sea Mouse Ear
  • 38 - Bird'sFoot Clover
  • 39 - Spiked Rampion
  • 40 - Little Robin
  • 41 - Everlasting Sweet Pea
  • 42 - Rough Poppy
  • 43 - Narrow Fruited Cornsalad
  • 44 - Interrupted brome
  • 45 - Field Pepperwort
  • 46 - Spring Sandwort
  • 47 - Tufted Saxifrage
  • 48 - Oak Fern
  • 49 - Lemon Scented Fern
  • 50 - Wilson's Filmy Fern
  • 51 - Bog Stitchwort
  • 52 - Welsh Hawkweed
  • 53 - Spotted Rock Rose
  • 54 - Southern Horsetail
  • 55 - Anglesey Horsetail
  • 56 - Marsh Violet
  • 57 - Snowdon Lily
  • 58 - Tall Ramping Fumitory
  • 59 - Sea Storksbill
  • 60 - Great Fen Sedge
  • 61 - Leafless Hawkweed
  • 62 - One Flowered Wintergreen
  • 63 - Chickweed Wintergreen
  • 64 - Dickies Bladder Fern
  • 65 - Spotted Cars Ear
  • 66 - Upright Goosefoot
  • 67 - Perennial Knawel
  • 68 - Shepherds Needle
  • 69 - Larkspur
  • 70 - Pheasants Eye
  • 71 - Corn Cleavers
  • 72 - Great Pignut
  • 73 - Vipers Grass
  • 74 - Sea Stock
  • 75 - Venus Looking Glass
  • 76 - Upright Clover
  • 77 - Smooth Rupturewort
  • 78 - Tower Mustard
  • 79 - Russian Cinquefoil
  • 80 - Yarrow Broomrape
  • 81 - Knotted Clover
  • 82 - Jersey Cudweed
  • 83 - Four Leaved Allseed
  • 84 - Long Stalked Cranesbill
  • 85 - Smooth Tare
  • 86 - Grass Vetchling
  • 87 - Broad Leaved Cudweed
  • 88 - Babbingtons Orache
  • 89 - Fine Leaved Fumitory
  • 90 - Sharp Leaved Fluellen
  • 91 - Marsh Bedstraw
  • 92 - Round Headed Rampion
  • 93 - Black Bindweed
  • 94 - Cut Leaved Germander
  • 95 - Great Yellow Rattle
  • 96 - Large Flowered Hemp Nettle
  • 97 - Meadow Clary
  • 98 - Downy WOundwort
  • 99 - Birthwort
  • 100 - Creeping Marshwort
  • 101 - Lesser Calamint
  • 102 - Gold of Pleasure
  • 103 - White Beaked Sedge
  • 104 - Grass of Parnassus
  • 105 - Goldilocks Aster
  • 106 - Heath Lobelia
  • 107 - Sea Daffodil
  • 108 - Spreading Bellflower
  • 109 - Small Teasel
  • 110 - Purple Vipers Bugloss
  • 111 - Cornish Heath
  • 112 - Field Woundwort
  • 113 - Field Gentian
  • 114 - Bifid Hemp Nettle
  • 115 - Pedunculate sea purslane
  • 116 - White Melilot
  • 117 - Sea Heath
  • 118 - Sea Wormwood
  • 119 - Purple Glasswort
  • 120 - Hairy Vetchling
  • 121 - Rottingdean Sea Lavander
  • 122 - Beaked Tasselweed
  • 123 - Lesser Skullcap
  • 124 - One Flowered Glasswort

  • 2019 Bird Race

    No Particular Order

  • 1 - Chaffinch
  • 2 - Greenfinch
  • 3 - Goldfinch
  • 4 - Siskin
  • 5 - Linnet
  • 6 - Bullfinch
  • 7 - Yellowhammer
  • 8 - Reed Bunting
  • 9 - Corn Bunting
  • 10 - Osprey
  • 11 - Long Eared Owl
  • 12 - Wryneck
  • 13 - Great Spotted Cuckoo
  • 14 - Purple Heron
  • 15 - Teal
  • 16 - Little Grebe
  • 17 - Great Crested Grebe
  • 18 - Fulmar
  • 19 - Cormorant
  • 20 - Bittern
  • 21 - Little Egret
  • 22 - Grey Heron
  • 23 - Spoonbill
  • 24 - Mute Swan
  • 25 - Black Kite
  • 26 - Jack Snipe
  • 27 - Greylag Goose
  • 28 - Canada Goose
  • 29 - Barnacle Goose
  • 30 - Brent Goose
  • 31 - Egyptian Goose
  • 32 - Shelduck
  • 33 - Mandarin Duck
  • 34 - Wigeon
  • 35 - Gadwall
  • 36 - Mallard
  • 37 - Gannet
  • 38 - Shoveler
  • 39 - Red Crested Pochard
  • 40 - Common Pochard
  • 41 - Tufted Duck
  • 42 - Caspian Gull
  • 43 - Red kite
  • 44 - Marsh Harrier
  • 45 - Sparrowhawk
  • 46 - Buzzard
  • 47 - Kestrel
  • 48 - Hobby
  • 49 - Peregrine
  • 50 - Red Legged Partridge
  • 51 - Grey Partridge
  • 52 - Dotterel
  • 53 - Pheasant
  • 54 - Water Rail
  • 55 - Curlew Sandpiper
  • 56 - Great White Egret
  • 57 - Moorhen
  • 58 - Coot
  • 59 - Eider
  • 60 - Oystercatcher
  • 61 - Avocet
  • 62 - Stone Curlew
  • 63 - Grasshopper Warbler
  • 64 - Ringed Plover
  • 65 - Grey Plover
  • 66 - Lapwing
  • 67 - Sanderling
  • 68 - Knot
  • 69 - Dunlin
  • 70 - Ruff
  • 71 - Snipe
  • 72 - Woodcock
  • 73 - Bar Tailed Godwit
  • 74 - Black Tailed Godwit
  • 75 - Whimbrel
  • 76 - Curlew
  • 77 - Redshank
  • 78 - Greenshank
  • 79 - Common Sandpiper
  • 80 - Turnstone
  • 81 - Little Gull
  • 82 - Mediterranean Gull
  • 83 - Black headed Gull
  • 84 - Common Gull
  • 85 - Lesser Black Backed Gull
  • 86 - Herring Gull
  • 87 - Great Black Backed Gull
  • 88 - Sandwich Tern
  • 89 - Common Tern
  • 90 - Little Tern
  • 91 - Feral Pigeon
  • 92 - Stock Dove
  • 93 - Woodpigeon
  • 94 - Collared Dove
  • 95 - Golden Plover
  • 96 - Cuckoo
  • 97 - Barn Owl
  • 98 - Whinchat
  • 99 - Tawny Owl
  • 100 - Nightjar
  • 101 - Swift
  • 102 - Kingfisher
  • 103 - Green Woodpecker
  • 104 - Great Spotted Woodpecker
  • 105 - Woodlark
  • 106 - Skylark
  • 107 - Sand Martin
  • 108 - Swallow
  • 109 - House Martin
  • 110 - Meadow Pipit
  • 111 - Tree Pipit
  • 112 - Crossbill
  • 113 - Grey Wagtail
  • 114 - Pied Wagtail
  • 115 - Wren
  • 116 - Dunnock
  • 117 - Robin
  • 118 - Nightingale
  • 119 - Lesser Whitethroat
  • 120 - Stonechat
  • 121 - Wheatear
  • 122 - Blackbird
  • 123 - Song Thrush
  • 124 - Mistle Thrush
  • 125 - Cetti's Warbler
  • 126 - Sedge Warbler
  • 127 - Reed Warbler
  • 128 - Whitethroat
  • 129 - Garden Warbler
  • 130 - Blackcap
  • 131 - Chiffchaff
  • 132 - Willow Warbler
  • 133 - Goldcrest
  • 134 - Firecrest
  • 135 - Bearded Tit
  • 136 - Long Tailed Tit
  • 137 - Marsh Tit
  • 138 - Coal Tit
  • 139 - Blue Tit
  • 140 - Great tit
  • 141 - Treecreeper
  • 142 - Nuthatch
  • 143 - Jay
  • 144 - Magpie
  • 145 - Jackdaw
  • 146 - Rook
  • 147 - Carrion Crow
  • 148 - Starling
  • 149 - House Sparrow
  • 150 - Tree Sparrow
  • 151 - Lesser Redpoll
  • 152 - Wood Sandpiper
  • 153 - Black Tern
  • 154 - Yellow Legged GUll
  • 155 - Kittiwake
  • 156 - Common Crane
  • 157 - Arctic Tern
  • 158 - Garganey

  • The Chip Count

    Chips 42
    Fish 3
    Fishcake 1
    Battered / Sausage 8
    Saveloy 7
    Spring Roll 3
    Pickled Egg 4
    Cheese and Onion Fritter 4
    Mushy Peas / Fritter 14
    Spam Fritter 2
    Haggis 10
    Pizza 1
    Parmo 1
    Burger 2
    John Bull 1
    Onion Rings 2
    Ice Cream 13

    2018 Total
    Chips 35
    Fatbirder's Top 1000 Birding Websites