Welsh Valleys Crosses

General Information

National Grid Ref SS997927 - Trelaw Hill opposite Tonypandy

National Grid Ref ST004911 - Penygraig

The two christian crosses are a few miles apart, both can easily be seen from the A4119 a little west from Pontypridd.


The Trelaw cross was constructed in 2005 by Glyn Thomas, A friend of mine made me promise that when he died Id scatter his ashes on the mountain; whoever goes first will scatter the others ashes. Quite a lot of people have scattered ashes on the mountain and put wreaths up there." A resting place and mark of respect I just thought Id mark the spot and it could only be with a cross. Its a permanent resting place, a mark of respect for the Trealaw boys of my age."

The Penygraig Cross history is currently unknown, any information appreciated but I assume it is some sort of memorial.


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Tonypandy Cross

Tonypandy Cross

Penygraig Cross

Penygraig Cross