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Harlequin Ladybird
(Harmonia axyridis) Dorset, 2006

Red Swamp Crayfish
(Procambarus clarkii)
London, 2011

Red Swamp Crayfish
(Procambarus clarkii)
London, 2011

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European Exotic and Introduced Miscellaneous Creatures

Stick Insects

Prickly - Acanthoxyla geisovii from New Zealand.
Smooth - Clitarchus hookerifrom New Zealand.
Unarmed - Acanthoxyla inermis from New Zealand.
European - Bacillus rossius from the Mediterranean
Acanthoxyla prasina from New Zealand.

The five species, Acanthoxyla prasina, unarmed, prickly, Mediterranean and smooth are found in small colonies in Cornwall. All derived from pets the mild climate has allowed them to persist. A few colonies also exist in other parts of the country.Tresco Gardens is a hotspot, they are widespread on the Scilly isles and SW Cornwall.

Another species Clonopsis gallica from New Zealand has been introduced on to Jersey.

Bacillus rossius redtenbacheri - A colony of this sub species has been found near Valun, Island Cres, Croatia


Harlequin Ladybird - Harmonia axyridis

A highly invasive species it has quickly spread and is present in most of Europe. As its name suggests is comes in 24 differnt colour forms From mostly black to mostly orange to mostly yellow with lots of forms inbetween.


Signal Crayfish - Pacifastacus leniusculus

One of five species introduced to Europe, the Signal crayfish is the most distinctive and most disruptive. Originally introduced for food it quickly escaped and has out competed the native species and carrys a fungus which kills the native species. Found on most waterways.

Other species are not as widespread or disruptive

Noble crayfish - Astacus astacus
Turkish crayfish A.leptodactylus
Red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii

Small populations exist in the London UK, Massaciuccoli Lake in Tuscany(Italy) but the Netherlands and Portugal have very large widespread populations.

Spiny-cheek crayfish Orconectes limosus

Yellow Tailed Scorpion - Euscorpius flavicaudis

They arrived by hitching a ride on ships and were found at several docks, the Sheerness colony has been in existant since the 1960's.

The last surviving colony is at Sheerness, which despite my best efforts I have been unable to gain access to.

Chinese Mittern Crab - Eriocheir sinensis

First recorded in the River Thames in the 1930s, possibly arrived in ships ballast water, originally from the far east they have no competitors in the UK so have recently dispersed and numbers have risen. in ships from the Far East. Native to China and Korea, the species took a long time to become established, possibly because of the river's polluted state. Since the early 1990s, however, numbers have mushroomed. The crab, which can travel over dry land, has now spread to many other English rivers hot spots are the Thames, Humber and Tyne and the east coast.

Monarch - Danaus plexippus

Introduced to Southern Spain and Portugal and possibly the Canary Islands but this may have been a natural colonisation.


Wells - Silurus glanis

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Zander - Sander lucioperca

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Dojo loach - Misgurnus anguillicaudatus

An east asian fish now established in the Ebro Delta.

Pumpkinseed - Lepomis gibbosus

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Bleak - Alburnus alburnus

Established throught the Iberian Peninsular

Common carp - Cyprinus carpio

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Goldfish - Carassius auratuss

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Roach - Rutilus rutilus

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Rudd - Scardinius erythrophthalmus

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Largemouth bass - Micropterus salmoides

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Pike - Esox lucius

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Black bullhead - Ameiurus melas

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Eastern Mosquito Fish - Gambusia holbrooki

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Rainbow trout - Onchorhynchus mykiss

Established in the Ebro Delta.

Prickly Stick Insect
(Acanthoxyla geisovii) Cornwall, 2006

Unarmed Stick Insect
(Acanthoxyla inermis) Cornwall, 2007

Smooth Stick Insect
(Clitarchus hookeri)
Cornwall, 2007
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